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  • Episode 1 - Namibia
    Dokumentar, Eventyr

    Ben heads to Africa and the sand dunes of Namibia to live with 50-year-old Gideon David and his young family in the largest conservation area on the continent. Ben discovers what turned Gideon into a master bushman.

  • Episode 2 - Alaska
    Dokumentar, Eventyr

    In Alaska, Ben Fogle meets Mike and Fran, who live in a self-built log cabin in a remote spot 10 days' walk from civilisation. The family have created a completely self-sufficient lifestyle, working the land and trapping animals.

  • Episode 3 - Utah
    Dokumentar, Eventyr

    Ben meets two septuagenarian brothers who live out in a remote isolated home, deep inside some of the world's most striking and wild terrain.

  • Episode 4 - Sweden
    Dokumentar, Eventyr

    Ben meets a 40-year-old former communications manager who gave up her old life to train huskies in the Swedish Arctic Circle. Gaynor and her husband Milos live in a hand-built cabin with no running water.

  • Episode 9 - Isle Of Rum Scotland
    Dokumentar, Eventyr

    Ben joins a couple who uprooted themselves and their two teenage children from a comfortable life in Worthing to take up a life of crofting on the beautiful island of Rum off the remote west coast of Scotland.