Inside the Factory

Inside the Factory

Dokumentar, Forbruker • Storbritannia

Man 09. des 09:20 - 10:10BBC Earth
Gregg Wallace is in Lowestoft, at an enormous factory where they produce 450 tonnes of frozen food each day. He follows the production of frozen potato waffles, from the arrival of 25 tonnes of potatoes right through to dispatch.

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  • Episode 1 - Coffee
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S4:E1

    Gregg Wallace is in Derbyshire, at an enormous coffee factory where they produce 175,000 jars of instant coffee every day. He follows the production of freeze-dried instant coffee, from the arrival of 27 tonnes of Brazilian green coffee beans right through to dispatch.

  • Episode 2 - Toilet Roll
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S4:E2

    Gregg Wallace explores the Manchester factory that produces 700,000 toilet rolls a day. He begins 940 miles away in Sweden where the raw material, wood, is harvested from a sustainable forest of one billion spruce trees. Most of the wood is used for timber, but the off cuts are turned into sheets...

  • Episode 3 - Sausages
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S4:E3

    Gregg Wallace explores the North Yorkshire factory that produces 625,000 sausages a day. Meanwhile Cherry is at the University of Chester getting the scientific lowdown on getting the best from a banger. Historian Ruth Goodman is investigating how a German bratwurst became top dog in America.

  • Episode 4 - Curry
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S4:E4

    Gregg Wallace explores the Nottinghamshire factory that makes 250,000 jars of curry sauce each day. Meanwhile Cherry Healey is in Guntur, the chilli capital of India, where they sell 3,500 tonnes of chilli each day. Historian Ruth Goodman finds that the passion for curry is around 370 years older...

  • Episode 9 - Cheese
    Dokumentar, Forbruker, S4:E9

    Gregg Wallace is in Gateshead, at a cheese factory where they produce 3,000 tonnes of spreadable cheese every year. He follows the production of jalapeno chilli flavoured cheese, from a 28,000 litre delivery of milk to 5,400 squeezy tubes.