The World's Deadliest Weather

The World's Deadliest Weather

Dokumentar, Vær • Storbritannia • Sesong 2, Episode 5

Søn 10. nov 07:10 - 08:00BBC Earth
In South Africa, the Cape is struck by both a violent storm and catastrophic wildfires that overwhelm the emergency services.

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Sesong 2
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  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E1

    A record-breaking twister rips through Alabama. In South Africa, a violent storm with near-hurricane winds breaks the mooring lines of super-tankers. In Maui, a young daredevil is caught in a flash flood and swept off a massive waterfall.

  • Episode 2
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E2

    Hurricane Harvey, one of the most powerful hurricanes to strike the United States, rips a coastal town apart and dumps a once-in-a-thousand-years rainfall that drowns the city of Houston.

  • Episode 3
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E3

    Two devastating earthquakes hit Mexico in quick succession. An Australian storm-chaser becomes trapped in the middle of the most powerful tornado ever recorded in El Reno, Oklahoma.

  • Episode 4
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E4

    A rare tornado decimates a small town in rural Uruguay, snaring a man in his car and obliterating a huge warehouse. Meanwhile a thrill seeker fulfils his ambition to reach the world's largest lava lake.

  • Episode 5
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E5

    In South Africa, the Cape is struck by both a violent storm and catastrophic wildfires that overwhelm the emergency services.

  • Episode 6
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E6

    A student chronicles 2017's Hurricane Maria as it decimates Puerto Rico. A hailstorm destroys a Dallas family home. A wilderness hiker clings on for dear life in a flash flood, and a deckhand feels the full force of Hurricane Ike.

  • Episode 7
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E7

    North California is besieged by a spate of raging wildfires. In Costa Rica, a tourist pleasure boat capsizes and in North Carolina, a tornado hits a superstore packed with shoppers.

  • Episode 8 - Montecito Mudflows
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E8

    Devastating mudflows flatten the Californian coastal community of Montecito, a sudden flash flood sweeps up an inexperienced kayaker in South Africa, and a tornado ambushes a student taking forty winks in his car.

  • Episode 9
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E9

    A bomb cyclone detonates across northeast America, snaring an elderly Michigan couple in a mass freeway pile-up. A hiker loses her nerve high on Ben Nevis, and a massive avalanche swallows up a French professional skier.

  • Episode 10
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E10

    Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains live up to their name as America's most popular national park goes up in flames. Meanwhile a mega typhoon pulverises Macao, forcing a hotel worker out into chest-high floods in the city centre.

  • Episode 11
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E11

    The worst earthquake in almost a century strikes Ecuador. Meanwhile, Indiana suffers one of its worst ever tragedies as a storm blows down a stage during a festival. Finally, two ramblers are cut off by the incoming tide and need a helicopter rescue.

  • Episode 12
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E12

    Irma, a category five hurricane, devastates the Caribbean and forces tourists, residents and sailors into a desperate fight for survival. In Fiji, a carer battles catastrophic floods to reach children at an orphanage.

  • Episode 13
    Dokumentar, Vær, S2:E13

    Heat wave Lucifer burns though Europe, triggering some of the worst wildfires in Portugal's history. A Mojave mudslide traps motorists in a raging torrent of sludge, North Carolina holidaymakers flee a waterspout, and extraordinary Australian floods.