Close Calls: On Camera

Dokumentar, Reality • Storbritannia • Sesong 5, Episode 14

Tor 04. jun 08:30 - 08:55CBS Reality
The story of a young man kicked in the head by his girlfriend's horse, and the remarkable tale of survival of a British diver lost at sea off the Australian coast for more than 22 hours.

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  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E1

    A dad wheeling his son to playgroup and a waitress chatting outside a cafe must take evasive action as an out-of-control car careers onto the pavement. Plus, an off-duty firefighter has a collision on the ski slopes.

  • Episode 2
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E2

    A young man is thrown from his vehicle, landing in the middle of a busy motorway after a tyre blowout in the fast lane. A lorry driver captures the whole thing on a dash cam. Plus, a passer-by comes to the rescue of a woman on a sinking canal boat.

  • Episode 3
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E3

    When a young man hiking in the Cumbrian hills falls 200ft, mountain rescue workers and an RAF helicopter come to his rescue. Plus, two motor-biking brothers collide and four children playing in a park are at risk when a huge tree falls.

  • Episode 4
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E4

    When two best friends on a holiday fishing trip are lost at sea, their wives fear the worst. Plus an elderly bedridden man is trapped in a house fire and a neighbour risks all to rescue him.

  • Episode 5
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E5

    A couple celebrate their wedding anniversary on a luxury fort out at sea when one is severely injured. Coastguard and lifeboat crews rush to help. A lorry driver has seconds to save his life as an insecure load on another truck hurtles towards him.

  • Episode 6
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E6

    A frantic mum calls emergency services when her seven-year-old daughter suffers a cardiac arrest, a microlight pilot loses power at 4,000 feet and must dodge power cables to land, and two pals on holiday escape their hire car as it goes up in flames.

  • Episode 7
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E7

    A mountain biker crashes head first at a jump and an off-duty rescue worker comes to his aid. Plus, a grandmother misreads road crossing signs and steps out in front of a biker. Also, a group of friends on a skiing trip are caught up in an avalanche.

  • Episode 8
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E8

    A twelve-year-old boy falls from a clifftop onto concrete sea defences. His father arrives at the scene to find emergency workers battling to save his son. Plus, two British adventurers are trapped in the ice off Alaska.

  • Episode 9
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E9

    A retired policeman comes to the aid of a young man after his car careers off a ferry and sinks in the harbour. Plus, a climber falls in the Cairngorms, but bad weather makes rescue difficult, and a British pilot must evacuate his plane after a massive engine explosion on take-off.

  • Episode 10
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E10

    An amateur race driver loses control on the track. His car somersaults towards the crash barriers, his safety cage fails and he's left hanging upside down from the car. Plus, a young mum dials 999 suspecting her baby has meningitis, and a runaway bus heads down a hill with passengers still on board.

  • Episode 11
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E11

    The story of a police motorcyclist, responding to help at an accident, who crashed and became the patient himself. Plus, a conservationist tells what happened when he was attacked by the very elephants he campaigns to save.

  • Episode 12
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E12

    The story of an eleven-year-old boy who survived a cardiac arrest in a swimming pool, plus an unsuspecting woman who was sandwiched between two cars when one skidded on ice, and a motorbike rider who crashed into the back of his friend's vehicle and went careering over the handlebars.

  • Episode 13
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E13

    The tale of a cyclist who survived two heart attacks in a week, and the story of a lorry driver whose vehicle overturned and caught fire after he was forced to swerve to avoid another motorist, and only lived to tell the tale thanks to the bravery of another trucker who pulled him out of his burn...

  • Episode 14
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E14

    The story of a young man kicked in the head by his girlfriend's horse, and the remarkable tale of survival of a British diver lost at sea off the Australian coast for more than 22 hours.

  • Episode 15
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E15

    The story of two close friends body boarding off an Australian beach: Irishman Shane must go to the aid of his pal when a great white shark attacks. Plus a motorist risks her own life to save a family when their car bursts into flames following a motorway smash. Also, a woman survives when part o...

  • Episode 16
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E16

    The story of two little girls who dialled emergency services and saved their mother after she fell from the loft. Plus, the stories of two cousins climbing a sea stack when one plunged 60 feet onto rocks, and a trucker who came face to face with another lorry as he drove around a bend on the same...

  • Episode 17
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E17

    A fishing trawler starts sinking off the Shetland Isles, and one of the rescuers discovers his close friends are on board. Plus, a little boy is trapped in a tumble dryer when the family dog alerts his mother, and two brothers are on the Swiss ski slopes when one vanishes 60 feet down a crevasse.

  • Episode 18
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E18

    A worker in a remote location is trapped under his dump truck when it topples and rolls on top of him, a racing driver's brakes fail, sending him somersaulting along the track, and a couple on their way to a birthday celebration overtake a super truck which fails to see them, sending them 40 feet...

  • Episode 19
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E19

    A family car breaks down on a busy road with no hard shoulder, and a lorry driver fails to see them. Plus, a speedboat trip nearly ends in tragedy when the vessel is swamped by a wave. Also, a granddad out mountain biking with a pal takes a tumble in a remote location, so a mountain rescue team g...

  • Episode 20
    Dokumentar, Reality, S5:E20

    Nick Knowles tells the tale of a couple who became lost in a blizzard while hiking in the Scottish Cairngorms, and a man who had a lucky escape when a car crashed into a bakery shopfront as he was about to enter. Plus, a mum tells how she was saved by the quick-thinking actions of her young daugh...