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Man 06. jul 06:30 - 07:00Al Jazeera English
Do the charges against Julian Assange in the US pose a threat to journalism? Plus, Poland's polarising priest-cum-media mogul.

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  • Sesong 20
  • Episode 17
    Nyheter, Reality, S18:E17

    After the Easter Sunday bombings, social media was blocked in Sri Lanka. Was it needed? Did it work? Plus, Yellow Vest protesters tussle with French media.

  • Episode 18
    Nyheter, Reality, S18:E18

    The video that sparked a thousand headlines - ISIL leader al-Baghdadi on tape for only the second time ever. Plus, Journalism gets the reality TV treatment.

  • Episode 27
    Nyheter, Reality, S18:E27

    The West Africa Leaks is the biggest media collaboration in the region's history. We tracked the journalists as they exposed the offshore dealings of the elite.

  • Episode 43
    Nyheter, Reality, S18:E43

    An apparent cut-paste error confirms a US indictment against Julian Assange, but have the media already found him guilty? Plus, patriotic cinema in Russia.