Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Dokumentar, Helse • Storbritannia

Ons 25. mar 08:50 - 09:45BBC Earth
Michael Mosley runs an experiment to find the best way to beat stress, psychiatrist Dr Alain Gregoire reveals how sleep affects mental health, and GP Zoe Williams discovers why laughing can be as good as exercise for improving mood.

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  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, Helse, S1:E1

    Michael Mosley is joined by a team of doctors who use their expertise to expose incongruous health claims, Dr Chris van Tulleken examines what diseases lurk on Britain's hands, and Dr Ahsan has some simple tips that could allow you to save a life.

  • Episode 2
    Dokumentar, Helse, S1:E2

    Michael Mosley and the team of doctors are in Chester to test an extraordinary idea, that simply standing up more could transform our health. Also, Gabriel Weston witnesses a womb transplant and Saleyha Ahsan shows us how to stop someone choking.

  • Episode 3
    Dokumentar, Helse, S1:E3

    Michael Mosley tests if trees could be the answer to air pollution, Gabriel Weston is tracking down a novel cure to Migraines that has been found in a beauty clinic and Saleyha Ahsan is on a mission to teach us all how to revive a drowning casualty.