Barneprogram, Drama

The Lodge

6.0 IMDbStorbritannia

Fre 02. okt 23:55 - 00:40Disney Channel
Tenåringen Skye drar til familiens sommerhotell for første gang på lenge og får vite at faren har planer om å selge det. Hun blir forskrekket og er fast bestemt på å stoppe salget.

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  • Episode 1 - The New Girl
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E1

    Skye and her dad return to help her granddad Patrick run the North Star lodge. Fitting her entire life into the car is not as hard as fitting into a new group of friends. At least she has best friend Josh at the end of the phone even if he’s no help when it comes to flirting with the charismatic ...

  • Episode 2 - Reality Check
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E2

    Skye has a plan to save the Lodge by giving it a makeover with help from her new friends and agrees to let the reality show “My Amazing Life” film her but her new frenemy Danielle is not impressed. Ben steps in to help his best friend Sean by pretending to date Skye. He finds her at her mum’s bea...

  • Episode 3 - Opportunities
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E3

    Ben and Skye address their fake relationship, he takes her climbing with his little brother Ethan then they go to the beauty spot and have a real date. Lori and Noah connect while finding a clue to what Kyle and Aaron are up to. Danielle learns from Kaylee that Sean is now working at the lodge. P...

  • Episode 4 - Double Date
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E4

    When Ben’s ex Ana shows up at the lodge Danielle is delighted. She organises a double date with her, Sean, Skye and Ben and brings Ana along, who makes it clear she wants Ben back. Is this the end of Ben and Skye before they even begin? Lori and Kaylee discover a secret tunnel while following Kyl...

  • Episode 5 - #Winning
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E5

    Skye enlists Noah and Kaylee to run Christina’s concert auditions. Skye and Josh support the boys at the bike race. Ben wins the race after Sean crashes out. Skye commiserates with Sean, who kisses Skye in the moment. Noah and Kaylee have had a fruitless time with the auditions until the last ent...

  • Episode 6 - Best Kept Secrets
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E6

    Skye and Sean make a pact not to talk about the kiss. Now working for the reality show, Danielle gets a confession out of Skye for the cameras. She threatens to show the world who the real Skye is. Sean confesses his feelings for Skye to Danielle and they split up. Meanwhile Oz and Kaylee hit...

  • Episode 7 - Cancelled
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E7

    There’s trouble at the Lodge. Danielle, working for the reality show, has come up with an online vote -who should Skye date, Sean or Ben. Skye tries to convince Ben to stay but when a drone camera appears he storms off and Skye cancels the show. Sean’s loyalties are challenged when his dad offer...

  • Episode 8 - Wishful Thinking
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E8

    With the reality show gone, Skye takes the gang on a camping trip. Oz reveals Kaylee is leaving the Lodge for a music school in the city. Skye gets the group to make wish boats. Kaylee finds Noah’s wish boat and decides to read it. Ben offers to work at the lodge again. Sean tries to get Ben to f...

  • Episode 9 - The Truth
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E9

    Skye needs to promote her big concert if it’s going to stand a chance of saving the lodge. Keen to know the truth about her mum, Skye takes Sean with her, to meet Samuel James (S.J.) Kaylee is excited about leaving for music school and after exchanging goodbye gifts Noah decides its all or nothin...

  • Episode 10 - The Choice
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E10

    Josh arrives for the concert just as Oz leaves. Sean tries to fix the mess he’s made with Ben and his friends. Noah and Kaylee finally admit how they feel about each other but she still plans to leave. Danielle and Olivia arrive at the concert with bad news. Can the show go on at all? Skye takes ...