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Lykke til Charlie!


Man 26. jul 02:55 - 03:15Disney Channel
Storesøster Teddy lager en videodagbok for sin nyfødte lillesøster, Charlie, hvor hun gir henne sine beste råd når det kommer til å vokse opp.

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Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Study Date
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E1

    Amy is returning to work after being on maternity leave and trying not to be nervous about leaving Charlie with her husband and kids. Bob reassures her everything will be fine, which it is until he slips on the stairs, with Charlie in his arms and falls down the stairs. Luckily, Charlie is fine, ...

  • Episode 2 - Baby Come Back
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E2

    To allow their parents to have a night out, the kids offer to take care of Charlie. PJ takes her to the park and, while flirting with a girl, accidentally takes home the wrong baby. While their parents eat, the kids frantically search for Charlie, aided by a deadbeat children’s performer from the...

  • Episode 3 - The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E3

    Ivy teaches Amy to send text messages from her cell phone. Teddy thinks it’s weird that Ivy enjoys texting her mom so she attempts to befriend Ivy’s mom in order to retaliate. Meanwhile, PJ thinks he hears his neighbor, Mrs. Dabney, kill her husband. In an attempt to find proof, he and Gabe are ...

  • Episode 4 - Double Whammy
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E4

    At her mother’s urging, Teddy reluctantly agrees to try out to be Whammy the Ram, the high school mascot. When Teddy is unhappy in the role and quits, Amy dresses up as Whammy and is kidnapped by students from the rival high school. She makes her way back to the basketball game, where she and Ted...

  • Episode 5 - Dance Off
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E5

    Hoping to get her first kiss, Teddy asks Spencer to be her date at a school dance. A jealous Emmett challenges Spencer to a dance off. PJ takes a job as the DJ at the school dance. Bob and Amy are excited to attend Gabe’s open house at school but soon find out that Gabe has been lying to his t...

  • Episode 6 - Charlie Did It!
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E6

    Teddy and Gabe are detained by a grocery store manager when Charlie is accused of shoplifting a pair of sunglasses. PJ attempts to write a new jingle for his dad’s exterminator business.

  • Episode 7 - Butt Dialing Duncans
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E7

    Bob comes home with gifts: new cell phones for PJ and Teddy, a remote controlled helicopter for Gabe and a singing/talking stuffed toy horse for Charlie. Problems occur when PJ’s and Teddy’s conversations are overheard after they accidentally dial others on their new phones, Gabe and Bob run from...

  • Episode 8 - Charlie Is 1
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E8

    While celebrating Charlie’s first birthday, the Duncan family reminisce about the day Charlie was born and the challenges that occurred. Bob and PJ encounter a bear and two bikers. Teddy and Ivy arrive at the hospital wearing Frankenstein and Gretel costumes from a school play. When Gabe is lef...

  • Episode 9 - Up a Tree
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E9

    Mrs. Dabney’s barking dog keeps the Duncan’s from sleeping at night. Bob agrees to cut down a tree in the back yard, which holds PJ’s and Teddy’s tree house, if Mrs. Dabney agrees to bring the barking dog in at night. PJ and Teddy lock themselves in the tree house in an attempt to keep it from ...

  • Episode 10 - Take Mel Out to the Ball Game
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E10

    Teddy learns that she has an estranged relative, her father’s Uncle Mel. Teddy visits Uncle Mel at his retirement home to find out the cause of the family feud and arrange reconciliation, but she faces an obstacle when she finds out just how mean Uncle Mel is. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe organize a pr...

  • Episode 11 - Boys Meets Girls
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E11

    Teddy confronts Jo, a girl from Gabe’s school, when she learns that Jo has been hitting Gabe. Emmett feels rejected when PJ ignores his calls after getting a new girlfriend, Madison. Amy becomes jealous when she learns that Madison’s mother, Katherine, is an old girlfriend of Bob’s.

  • Episode 12 - Kit and Kaboodle
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E12

    Gabe tells Kit, a girl he likes, that he is an only child of divorced parents. He then finds himself in trouble when Kit stops by the house with her mom to say hello. While away, Mrs. Dabney asks Teddy to care for her cat, Kaboodle. PJ uses Charlie to increase his tips while delivering chicken.

  • Episode 13 - Teddy's Little Helper
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E13

    Teddy uses Charlie in an oral report to gain favor with her teacher and to score a better grade. Bob is called away to work leaving Amy to coach Gabe’s losing basketball team. However, when Gabe’s team wins its first game, the team fires Bob as their coach and replaces him with Amy. PJ starts ...

  • Episode 14 - Blankie Go Bye-Bye
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E14

    The kids plan a dinner at home for Bob and Amy’s anniversary. Teddy searches a truck full of donations for Charlie’s blanket that’s gone missing, PJ gets locked out of the house with Charlie inside and Gabe takes Bob and Amy to the movies in order to get them out of the house.

  • Episode 15 - Charlie Goes Viral
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E15

    PJ posts a video of a flatulent Charlie which becomes an internet sensation. The video’s popularity results in a local news station interviewing the Duncan family. Embarrassed of her family, Teddy spends more time at her boyfriend Spencer’s house.

  • Episode 16 - Duncan's Got Talent
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E16

    Teddy teams up with Emmett for a school talent show when Spencer tells her that she cannot dance. PJ uses Charlie as his dummy in a ventriloquist act. Jo, secretly running for class president, pretends to help Gabe’s campaign by creating a campaign video.

  • Episode 17 - Kwikki Chick
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E17

    Amy competes with another mother from Charlie’s music class. Bob and Gabe exchange pranks while pursuing a mouse. PJ accuses Teddy of being a ‘princess’ when she replaces him as Kwikki Chikki’s spokesperson.

  • Episode 18 - Charlie in Charge
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E18

    Amy gets sprayed by a skunk while helping Bob with an extermination job. Teddy and Emmett trick PJ into going to the dentist. During a struggle at the dentist’s office, Emmett accidentally knocks out Teddy’s tooth. Gabe is left alone at home with Charlie for the first time.

  • Episode 19 - Sleepless in Denver
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E19

    As Amy and Bob attempt to transition Charlie from her crib to a big girl bed, Gabe has his first sleepover, which does not go quite as planned. Meanwhile, Teddy prepares to audition for her first high school show and PJ starts working out in fear that he is getting fat.

  • Episode 20 - Girl Bites Dog
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E20

    PJ is ecstatic when Gabe lends him money to buy a used car, but he soon realizes that Gabe tricked him into signing a contract that does not work in his favor… So Amy and Bob help PJ convince Gabe that the car is haunted. Meanwhile, Teddy experiences her first heartbreak when Spencer breaks up wi...

  • Episode 21 - Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E21

    Teddy is still heartbroken from the end of her relationship with two-timing Spencer. In an attempt to cheer her up, Ivy brings Skyler, Spencer’s other former girlfriend, to visit. The girls are initially reluctant to talk to each other, but they quickly devise a plan to exact revenge on Spencer. ...

  • Episode 22 - Teddy Rebounds
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E22

    Teddy is still recovering from the end of her relationship with Spencer and is surprised to learn that he already has a new girlfriend. She lies and tells him she is in a new relationship as well, but is embarrassed when Spencer sees her accompanying Austin, the new kid in the neighborhood, to hi...

  • Episode 23 - Pushing Buttons
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E23

    Gabe pretends his bike was stolen in order to get his Dad to buy him a new one. When Teddy writes a script about her family, Amy connives her way into playing the role of herself. PJ thinks Emmett’s new girlfriend is flirting with him until he and Emmett realize there are twin girls.

  • Episode 24 - Snow Show: Part 1
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E24

    For vacation, the Duncan family travel to the same ski resort where Bob and Amy got married. Bob and Amy learn that the man who performed their ceremony years earlier was a con man. Teddy meets two new guys and sees Spencer after a psychic tells her that she will meet the guy of her dreams. Th...

  • Episode 25 - Snow Show: Part 2
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E25

    The Duncan family’s vacation at a ski resort continues. Bob and Amy renew their vows in a wedding ceremony. Ivy visits Teddy at the resort. Teddy realizes that she and Spencer should be just friends. Gabe and PJ enter and win an ice dancing competition.

  • Episode 26 - Driving Mrs. Dabney
    Barneprogram, Sitcom, S1:E26

    As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Teddy needs to practice driving before she can get her driver’s license. But when Bob says she is not ready, Teddy turns to her neighbor, Mrs. Dabney, for driving practice. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe attempt to buy boots for Teddy as a birthday present, while Amy...

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