Dokumentar, Krim

24 Hours to Kill


Dyane Connor deconstructs and examines a selection of Ireland's most shocking killings.

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Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Gary McCrea - Dolores McCrea
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E1

    In January 2004 Gary McCrea, a cold and calculating murderer took the life of his estranged wife Dolores McCrea.Their daughter Sharon retells the horrific tale. After years of domestic abuse Dolores and her daughters escaped. McCrea, overcome with rage spent the following nine months plotting her...

  • Episode 2 - Gerald Barry - Manuela Riedo
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E2

    In October 2007, 17-year-old Swiss Student Manuela Riedowas was brutally attacked and murdered. Just 48 hours after arriving in Galway city she crossed paths with serial attacker and ticking time bomb Gerald Barry. The chance encounter was fatal, causing outrage across the country as Barry was ou...

  • Episode 3 - Brian Willoughby - Brian Mulvaney
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E3

    In March 2000, Brian Mulvaney was set upon by a group of teenagers' intent on a path of destruction. The ring leader, Brian Willoughby, a serial deranged attacker was out on bail at the time of the incident. This senseless and savage attack took place outside a house party in an affluent Dublin s...

  • Episode 4 - Sean Courtney - Patricia O'Toole
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E4

    In August 1991 the life of beautiful 32-year-old Patricia O'Toole was cruelly ended in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains following a chance meeting with Private Sean Courtney, a Lebanon veteran. Lost and upset while trying to find a party, Patricia had asked Courtney for directions, but thing...

  • Episode 5 - Julie McGinley / Michael Monaghan - Gerry McGinley
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E5

    In August 2000 Julie McGinley, the now infamous `Black Widow' and her lover Michael Monaghan plotted and conspired against her convict husband Gerry McGinley eventually taking his life as he lay in a drunken slumber. They then buried him in secluded woodlands. Serial adulteress Julie was unhappy ...

  • Episode 6 - Thomas Murray - Nancy Nolan
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E6

    At the young age of 17, Thomas Murray took the life of 73-year-old bachelor Willie Mannion. The unprovoked, senseless attack shook the people of Ballygar, Co. Galway to the core. Murray was sentenced to life in prison and the community were lulled into a false sense of security. 20 years later on...

  • Episode 7 - David Bourke - Jean Gilbert
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E7

    In August 2007 Jean Gilbert, a Dublin native and mother of three met a violent end at the hands of her husband. David Bourke murdered his wife in the safe haven of their family home as their young children were innocent witnesses to this unspeakable brutality. Jean had told David their marriage w...

  • Episode 8 - Christopher Dunne - Alan Higgins
    Dokumentar, Krim, S4:E8

    In October 2002, the lives of two north Dublin teens crossed - an encounter which would have tragic consequences. 17-year-old Alan Higgins was stabbed to death by Christopher Dunne a 15-year-old schoolboy who had spent the evening on an escalating rampage of drink, drugs and violence which would ...

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