Breaking Boston

Not quite the reality-documentary version of "Girls" -- what with the adult themes and nudity in that HBO sitcom -- but "Breaking Boston" features four 20-something women who hope their future in life isn't molded by their past. Destructive relationships and bad decisions have derailed the dreams of Courtney, Kristina, Noelle, and Val, and now the friends lend one another support as they try to better themselves while searching for a way out of their blue-collar town. One of the executive producers of "Breaking Boston" is actor Mark Wahlberg, whose own experiences in that city formed an outline for the series. Wahlberg -- who didn't earn his high school diploma until he was 42 -- can relate to the predicaments of the series' stars. "These are real women telling their original stories of trying to break out of what's expected of them," he says. "The odds are difficult, but I believe they can make it."
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