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Buying It Blind

Hus og hage, Oppussing • USA

Buying a home is a huge responsibility that many new homeowners don't enter into lightly. "Buying it Blind" features six couples who are ready for a buying and renovation journey. These couples are wary about parting with their life savings and aren't willing to compromise or commit to major decisions. Atlanta real estate agent Anna Kilinski, visionary contractor Jen Metzger, and designer to the stars Michel Smith Boyd stepped to the plate to help these couples, they discuss their wants and needs before going out and purchasing a home without the couple ever seeing it. When the reveal happens, the experts renovate the house to transform it into the house of their dreams. With the pressure on, can the experts create these dream homes?

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    Episode 1 - Jennifer and Eric
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E1

    Jennifer and Eric immediately outgrow his bachelor pad; after a disastrous first reveal, Anna, Jen and Michel pull an all-nighter to make sure the new house delivers on the newlyweds' desire for a stately presence and personal spaces.

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    Episode 2 - Gigi and Adrian
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E2

    Anna, Jen and Michel hope to tick every box on Gigi and Adrian's long list; the couple has already fallen out of escrow on two homes; the experts struggle to find and transform a home that fulfills Gigi's tastes and Adrian's practicality.

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    Episode 3 - Savannah and Brian
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E3

    With three children, Savannah and Brian have no time to find a home suitable for their growing family; Anna, Jen and Michel hunt for a home in a great school district that can be transformed to fit this busy family's needs.

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    Episode 4 - Cathy and Adam
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E4

    Being new to the Atlanta area, newlyweds Cathy and Adam call on Anna, Jen, and Michel to help them find a home with investment potential in an up-and-coming neighborhood; the experts run into a speed bump that puts their renovation plans in jeopardy.

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    Episode 5 - Terrance and Mahalath
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E5

    Terrance and Mahalath have been house hunting for four years; even with a growing family, the couple can't resolve their style differences; the experts struggle to find a home that combines Terrance's modern tastes with Mahalath's luxury style.

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    Episode 6 - Eric and Leslie
    Hus og hage, Oppussing, S1:E6

    After a long-distance love affair, Eric and Leslie have finally landed in the same city; Anna, Jen and Michel comb through the Atlanta area for a property with great renovation and investment potential for the couple's first home together.