Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed

Dokumentar, Krim • Storbritannia

Dom Littlewood looks at clever new methods that the police and the public are using to catch crooks.

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Sesong 3
  • Sesong 3
  • Episode 11
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E11

    A violent attack on a small village store has a twist in the tale and two good samaritans come to the aid of woman who is targeted by a handbag snatcher.

  • Episode 12
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E12

    A husband and wife are targeted by troublesome teenagers in their own home and a spoil sport gang attack a children's play centre.

  • Episode 17
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E17

    Two men on a high-speed bike attack a jewellery shop in Andover, and golfers are left teed off when their clubs are stolen.

  • Episode 18
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E18

    A vulnerable woman is not given the care she deserves in a nursing home, and a man stealing from cars gets more than he bargained for.

  • Episode 19
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E19

    A one-man crime wave hits a quiet town on Friday the thirteenth, and the police use their own technology to defeat the latest tricks cunning criminals come up with at cashpoints.

  • Episode 20
    Dokumentar, Krim, S3:E20

    A valuable piece of art is stolen from a church crypt and a pair of drug dealers snooker themselves.