6.8IMDb2008 • USA

The lives of several very diverse Southern Californians intersect and sometimes ignite in this TV series adaptation of the racially charged Best Picture Oscar winner of 2005. Recurring characters include aging, self-destructive music producer Ben Cendars; Anthony Adams, Ben's street-smart driver; Christine Emory, an upscale wife and mom who is going through a midlife crisis; Kenny Battaglia, a charming but brash Los Angeles street cop; Korean immigrant Eddie Choi, working as an EMT en route to becoming a doctor; Bebe Arcel, a former actress turned cop; Cesar Ulman, a poor yet optimistic Guatemalan immigrant; Axel Finet, a cocky, rule-bending police lieutenant; and Inez, the sexy wife of a gypsy leader.

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Sesong 2
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