Daphne Dishes

Mum, blogger and home cook, Daphne Brogdon shares secrets about her delicious family-friendly meals.

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  • Episode 1 - Movie Night Alfresco
    Matlaging, S2:E1

    Daphne Brogdon transforms her backyard into an outdoor movie theatre, and she has fun drive-in movie food to match. On the menu is popcorn chicken, camouflage salad, mint chocolate bites, olive oil popcorn and ginger lemonade.

  • Episode 2 - School's out for Summer
    Matlaging, S2:E2

    Daphne Brogdon celebrates summer with a budget-friendly backyard party. She whips up sweet and sticky chicken wings, mac and cheese, meatballs and salad 'tacos' that both the kids and parents will love.

  • Episode 3 - Dinner for Dad
    Matlaging, S2:E3

    Daphne Brogdon gives her hardworking husband some TLC with a special dinner. On the menu are grilled strip steaks, twice-baked potatoes, beet and avocado salad and a special `Dad-hattan' cocktail.

  • Episode 4 - International Flair
    Matlaging, S2:E4

    When Daphne Brogdon's holiday fund is spent on household repairs, she creates an affordable international menu in place of the trip. She makes fun sticky ribs, soba noodle salad and a tropical coconut rice pudding.

  • Episode 5 - Sum Sum Summertime
    Matlaging, S2:E5

    Daphne Brogdon turns her backyard into a beach oasis for a summertime party. On the menu are chorizo sliders, Chula Vista fish tacos and cool as a cucumber soup shooters.

  • Episode 6 - Foods That Scare You
    Matlaging, S2:E6

    Everyone has encountered a food item that they find intimidating, but Daphne Brogdon is here to help. Her recipes include scary ingredients such as anchovies, sunchokes and yeast.

  • Episode 7 - Cooking Economics
    Matlaging, S2:E7

    Daphne Brogdon teaches some university girls how to cook easy and affordable meals. On the menu is hearty summer pasta, flavourful tofu tostadas, three ingredient pea soup and ginger lime granita.

  • Episode 8 - Steam Power
    Matlaging, S2:E8

    Daphne Brogdon experiments with steam to create some easy recipes like steamed halibut with coconut sauce, `I can't believe these are steamed' vegetables, and steamed chocolate pudding cakes.

  • Episode 9 - Breakfast for Dinner
    Matlaging, S2:E9

    Daphne Brogdon loves breakfast, just not first thing in the morning, so she's making breakfast for dinner. On the menu are olive oil-fried eggs with a spanish pantry sauce, crispy hash browns and ham and egg fried rice.

  • Episode 10 - Fancy Dinner Night
    Matlaging, S2:E10

    Daphne Brogdon hatches a clever plan to keep the kids interested during a `fancy' dinner party. On her menu are porterhouse steaks, crispy potatoes, easy creamed spinach and maple pudding topped with bourbon whipped cream.

  • Episode 11 - Dinner With the Mayor
    Matlaging, S2:E11

    Daphne Brogdon invites family friend Eric Garcetti and his family over for dinner. There's a little added pressure since Eric is now the Mayor of Los Angeles as Daphne puts together a menu highlighting the best LA has to offer.

  • Episode 12 - Road Trip Ready
    Matlaging, S2:E12

    Daphne Brogdon prepares car-friendly food for a family road trip. She packs hello Dolly empanadas, two types of simple sandwiches, toffee pecan cookies and a fizzy clementine crush.

  • Episode 13 - Garden Camping
    Matlaging, S2:E13

    Daphne Brogdon and her family unplug for an impromptu garden camping trip. Grilled split hot dogs, yellow ears and black eyes succotash, fireside potato salad and s'mores bars are on the menu for her outdoor feast.