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Sesong 3
  • Episode 1 - Patagonia
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E1

    Steve travels to Patagonia, one of only two places on the planet where it is possible to watch killer whales hunting sea lions off the beaches.

  • Episode 2 - Falkland Islands
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E2

    Steve travels to the remote and wild Falkland Islands where he meets an animal never before featured on Deadly: the pugnacious and tough rockhopper penguin.

  • Episode 3 - Bird Island
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E3

    Steve discovers an island packed with stunning wildlife, with albatrosses, skuas and giant petrels.

  • Episode 4 - South Georgia
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E4

    Steve and the crew reach the icy shores of South Georgia, the last stop before Antarctica. After a five-day sail, through some of the roughest seas on earth, they are rewarded with some truly extraordinary wildlife encounters.

  • Episode 5 - Antarctica
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E5

    The least inhabited, remotest, highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on the planet. This is Antarctica. It's a place Steve has waited a lifetime to explore and it doesn't disappoint. In mind-numbingly freezing conditions he explores the rarely seen underwater world of an iceberg, he has...

  • Episode 6 - The Wolf
    Eventyr, Natur, S3:E6

    This episode is dedicated to Steve Backshall's favourite animal - the wolf. Steve travels to a wolf conservation centre to come nose-to-nose with some wolves and demonstrates how their incredible senses make them such formidable hunters. There is a look back at Steve's past encounters with wild w...

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