Hus og hage

Dear Genevieve

2009 • USA

Genevieve Gorder reviews design issues submitted by viewers.

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Sesong 6
  • Episode 1 - Master Bedroom Sweet
    Hus og hage, S6:E1

    After renovating every room in their 1920's home Tony and Mary have yet to redesign their master bedroom. It has the charm of an older home but suffers from a serious lack of storage and style. Designer Genevieve Gorder knows all about solving storage woes, so she develops some semi-custom units ...

  • Episode 3 - Asian Fusion
    Hus og hage, S6:E3

    Bill & Fannie are in love with their first home, but its large living dining area is lacking flow, storage, and style. Designer Genevieve Gorder arrives to take their give their room both definition and flow, while fusing the room with functional storage and contemporary Asian style.

  • Episode 4 - Two Jins and a Gen
    Hus og hage, S6:E4

    Jin is a successful single with a high end studio that has tons of potential. He's called upon Genevieve to create a pad that is laid back enough for hanging with the guys, but sophisticated enough to impress the ladies.

  • Episode 5 - Living Room Refresher
    Hus og hage, S6:E5

    Recently divorced Deborah and her three daughters are starting a new life together in a new house, but their dated living room is bringing the family down. Designer Genevieve Gorder sets out to revamp the space with a new layout, a surprisingly yellow supersized ottoman, traditional chairs recove...

  • Episode 6 - Star Treatment Caboose
    Hus og hage, S6:E6

    New homeowners Ryan and Kara love their quaint Connecticut cottage home, but their favorite part of their new purchase is the 100-year-old train caboose that lives in their backyard! They love the charm of the caboose, but its interior space is a smelly, moldy mess that's decorated in a 70's arts...

  • Episode 7 - Living Room Luxe
    Hus og hage, S6:E7

    After 2 years of marriage and promises of redesign, Joy & Richard's living room is still a tired, bare and style-less space, that doesn't reflect their fun youthful personalities. Designer Genevieve Gorder arrives to take their living room from grandma non-chic, to a relaxed & elegant room, throu...

  • Episode 8 - Sweet Chic Nursery
    Hus og hage, S6:E8

    Carpenter Mike Aesif and his girlfriend Jaime are awaiting the arrival of their first child. Unfortunately, as Genevieve's carpenter, Mike spends most of his time bringing her designs to life. That means the baby nursery has been put on the back burner, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend. With...

  • Episode 9 - $50,000 Bath
    Hus og hage, S6:E9

    Over 10 years of saving and $50,000 later, the Minella's long awaited master bath is becoming a reality. Genevieve steps in to take their 70's era relic into this century.

  • Episode 11 - It's Not Easy Being Green
    Hus og hage, S6:E11

    Kamla is trying to come into her own by redoing her small studio kitchen that is inconvenient, outdated and just plain ugly. With only $10,000 to work with, Genevieve has to make this kitchen pop without bursting the budget.

  • Episode 12 - Living Room D'espana
    Hus og hage, S6:E12

    Jose and Nicole love the look of their 1930's Spanish style home from the outside. The inside is a different story. Their living room is a hodgepodge of 60's style with a dysfunctional layout. And let's not even talk about the furniture. Designer Genevieve Gorder arrives with her team, ready to f...

  • Episode 13 - I Love Lucy
    Hus og hage, S6:E13

    Lucy calls upon Genevieve to give her a luxe library so she can work from home in style. Although Gen tries her best to cater to Lucy's every whim, nothing seems to make her happy. Gen might have to go toe-to-toe with this powerhouse to show her that designer knows best.

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