Hus og hage

Dear Genevieve

2009 • USA • Sesong 4, Episode 8

Genevieve helps first-time homeowners transform their kitchen.

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Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Tom and Angelica's Living Room
    Hus og hage, S4:E1

    Tom and Ange are an eco-conscious couple whose living room is a hodge-podge of furniture and Southwestern accents. They want a better layout to accommodate their lifestyle, but will not compromise their eco-friendly values. Genevieve embraces the challenge of creating a design using the most ecol...

  • Episode 2 - Greg and Jill's Kitchen
    Hus og hage, S4:E2

    Homeowners Greg and Jill have a lot of ideas for their 1950's era kitchen. Not only do they want to update the room with touches of French, Moroccan, Spanish and modern styles, but they also are dead-set on dark brown cabinets. Genevieve must interpret Greg and Jill's disparate design requests an...

  • Episode 3 - Trevor and Gerthy's Bathroom
    Hus og hage, S4:E3

    Trevor and Gerthy have a weird master bathroom. It's more like two small rooms, one with a shower and another one with a tub. It's completely impractical and lacking in style but Genevieve has a plan. Inspired by Turkish bathhouses, Genevieve plans to create one big room with head-to-toe tile. Th...

  • Episode 4 - Hagop and Claudia's Playroom
    Hus og hage, S4:E4

    In advance of their first child's arrival, expectant parents Hagop and Claudia want to get their house baby-ready. They've asked Genevieve to create a playroom that can also double as a home office. It's an unusual combination, but Genevieve's ready to get whimsical. Not only is she planning some...

  • Episode 5 - Mark and Nellie's Living Room
    Hus og hage, S4:E5

    Mark and Nellie's outdated living room serves a lot of roles for their family. For Nellie, it's a space to run her cake business. For Mark, it's a place to hang out and watch television. It's a playroom for the kids and a de-facto dining room most nights. Genevieve must update the dark faux-brick...

  • Episode 6 - Genevieve Gorder Takes on New York City Living Room
    Hus og hage, S4:E6

    First- time homeowner. Christina, is stuck in design limbo and can't make any design decisions. Her Upper East Side living room still looks like it belongs in a rental unit and has color samples painted all over the walls. Designer Genevieve Gorder is called in for a design intervention. Geneviev...

  • Episode 7 - A Home Office for Two
    Hus og hage, S4:E7

    Designer Genevieve Gorder tackles a cramped and cluttered home office in a rental apartment. The creative couple who share the space feel stifled and disorganized and need Genevieve's help. Her challenge is to make it an inspiring, functional and stylish work space, and she accomplishes that usin...

  • Episode 8 - Making a Small Kitchen Big
    Hus og hage, S4:E8

    Genevieve helps first-time homeowners transform their kitchen.

  • Episode 9 - Visual Cues for Room Flow
    Hus og hage, S4:E9

    First time homeowners Diana and Ray want to entertain in their new dream home, but their adjacent sitting room and dining rooms need help to get the party started. Designer Genevieve Gorder tackles the project with a 26-foot built in navy bookcase that spans the dining and sitting rooms to improv...

  • Episode 11 - Casual Chic for Everyday Dining
    Hus og hage, S4:E11

    Eric and Caroline's dining room set was the first thing they bought after they got married. Twelve years and a health scare later, the ultra formal dining set doesn't match their current casual relaxed vibe -- but Eric and Caroline are having a hard time letting go. Designer Genevieve Gorder arri...

  • Episode 12 - Crash Pad to Pied-a-Terre
    Hus og hage, S4:E12

    Genevieve Gorder's design team, Jess and Jaime, are based in Philadelphia, PA. When they work with Genevieve, they share a very cramped crash pad which lacks flow, storage and style. Since the gals are so busy making other designs come to life, it leaves them with no time to make their place feel...

  • Episode 13 - Genevieve's Bachelor Pad
    Hus og hage, S4:E13

    After purchasing his first property 6 months ago, Tim had no idea how to make his empty apartment feel like a home that works for his buddies or dates. Designer Genevieve Gorder arrives to check out Tim's pad and realizes what he needs is the perfect bachelor pad that's also cozy for women -- and...

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