Devious Maids

7.8IMDbUSASesong 4, Episode 1

Lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion.

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Sesong 4
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Sesong 4
  • Episode 1 - Once More Unto the Bleach
    Drama, S4:E1

    Lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion.

  • Episode 2 - Another One Wipes the Dust
    Drama, S4:E2

    Rosie finds herself entangled in the aftermath of the latest murder in Beverly Hills. Marisol makes a shocking discovery about Genevieve. Carmen worries about her ability to control Daniela when she begins displaying a wild streak. Meanwhile, Zoila becomes uneasy after discovering her neighbor...

  • Episode 3 - War and Grease
    Drama, S4:E3

    Genevieve’s war on Marisol is taken to new heights. Carmen attempts to be “friends” with Daniela, but struggles when Danni’s behavior spirals out of control. Zoila’s friendship with Frances continues to build. Adrian cuts off Evelyn’s funding, throwing a wrench into her plans to divorce him. Mean...

  • Episode 4 - Sweeping with the Enemy
    Drama, S4:E4

    Marisol must deal with a new roommate; an unexpected visitor has an impact on Daniela and Carmen's relationship; Zoila's set up on a blind date; and Genevieve meets a new friend. Meanwhile, Rosie's suspicions of foul play continue to grow.

  • Episode 5 - A Time To Spill
    Drama, S4:E5

    Rosie’s efforts to prove Spence’s innocence put her at great risk. Danni seeks comfort from Jesse in hopes to avoid Carmen. Marisol needs Evelyn’s help when Peter invites her to an important gala. Zoila goes to great lengths to make Kyle jealous. Genevieve and Fabian’s relationship takes an unex...

  • Episode 6 - The Maid Who Knew Too Much
    Drama, S4:E6

    Rosie seeks Genevieve's help with her investigation of Peri's murder, but things grow increasingly dangerous. Meanwhile, Marisol clashes with her director; Carmen poses as Danni at an audition; Kyle makes a difficult choice; and Evelyn dates someone new.

  • Episode 7 - Blood, Sweat and Smears
    Drama, S4:E7

    Rosie uncovers one of Peri’s deepest held secrets. Evelyn tricks Carmen in order to get what she needs. Marisol struggles with Peter’s absence. Meanwhile, Genevieve schemes to get Zoila’s attention and Carmen finds herself in a new relationship.

  • Episode 8 - I Saw the Shine
    Drama, S4:E8

    Carmen finds herself caught in the middle of the Powell household. Genevieve continues to meddle with Marisol’s love life. Shannon makes a confession that puts Rosie one step closer to finding Peri’s real killer. Zoila and Kyle both receive unpleasant surprises.

  • Episode 9 - Much Ado About Buffing
    Drama, S4:E9

    Marisol learns a secret from Genevieve's past that may provide a clue to finding Peri's killer. Zoila struggles to balance her love life and her demanding new boss, while also helping Rosie investigate The Circle. Danni appears to be warming up to Carmen, but her motives aren't so pure. Spence he...

  • Episode 10 - Grime and Punishment
    Drama, S4:E10

    Zoila discovers a huge secret that finally helps Rosie get to the truth about Peri’s murder. Carmen and Dani find themselves in a dangerous situation. Genevieve makes a new friend and Marisol attempts to get closure with Peter. Adrian has big news to share, bringing Evelyn one step closer to fina...

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