Eit enklare liv

Eit enklare liv
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

Dokumentar, Eventyr • Storbritannia

Ben Fogle reiser jorda rundt til folk som har snudd ryggen til den moderne sivilisasjonen.

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 8
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  • Episode 1 - Bulgaria
    Dokumentar, Eventyr, S8:E1

    Ben travels to the vast forests of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria to join Miriam and her husband Peter, a couple who have chosen life as nomads, hiking through some of the world's most striking wildernesses. They are educated, unemployed and homeless - and it's just the way they like it.

  • Episode 2 - Canada
    Dokumentar, Eventyr, S8:E2

    Ben visits the vast wilderness of North West Canada to meet Jeff and Rose and their five daughters, a family of adventurous off-gridders who rely on hunting big-game animals to survive.

  • Episode 3 - Ireland
    Dokumentar, Eventyr, S8:E3

    Ben journeys to Ireland's rugged Atlantic coastline to stay with Judith, an 80-year-old widow who rejected a modern way of life for one closer to nature. Ben learns how Judith and her late husband created a unique utopia.

  • Episode 4 - Brazil
    Dokumentar, Eventyr, S8:E4

    The Amazon is where Ben's own adventures began. Now he is back to meet Chris, a Scotsman who has made his home in the most remote area of this jungle. The duo go hunting for wild pig and fishing for piranha, and visit a village Chris helped to build.