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Den sexede, unge skuespiller Vince fra Queens har taget barndomsvennerne fra New York med til Hollywood. I Hollywood lever de fem venner det søde liv i overhalingsbanen, hvor både fristelserne og pengene er større end nogensinde.

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Sesong 8
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Sesong 8
  • Episode 1 - Home Sweet Home
    Komedie, S8:E1

    Season Eight Premiere. Fresh from rehab, Vince is psyched about a new film idea, but the guys do not share his excitement. Eric and Scott sign Johnny Galecki to their new management company. Ari tries desperately to win back Mrs. Ari. Drama throws Vince a "dry" welcome-home party.

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  • Episode 2 - Out with a Bang
    Komedie, S8:E2

    Vince's movie is re-imagined as a TV film starring Drama. Ari takes Lloyd on a recon mission. Turtle can't get Alex on the phone. Eric receives a surprising voicemail from Sloan; and Andrew Dice Clay, Drama's co-star on 'Johnny's Bananas,' needs representation.

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  • Episode 3 - One Last Shot
    Komedie, S8:E3

    Vince bumps into old foe Carl Ertz, who expresses interest in producing the miner movie. Although 'Johnny's Bananas' has yet to air, Andrew Dice Clay convinces Drama that they should renegotiate their contracts. Lloyd sets Ari up on a date to cheer him up. Turtle gets news about his stake in Avio...

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  • Episode 4 - Whiz Kid
    Komedie, S8:E4

    After Vince finds himself at a crime scene, the guys go to ingenious lengths to make sure he passes a drug test, while Shauna manages damage control with the press. In the wake of a sour couples' therapy session, Ari gets back at Mrs. Ari by taking an old flame to Bobby Flay's restaurant.

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  • Episode 5 - Motherfucker
    Komedie, S8:E5

    With things not panning out with his new co-star, Drama plots to get Dice back on the show. Eric meets up with Sloan's ex-stepmother, and the two end up commiserating over their exes. In an effort to repair his image, Vince agrees to a Vanity Fair interview, while Ari has an awkward business meet...

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  • Episode 6 - The Big Bang
    Komedie, S8:E6

    After his interview, Vince tries to make things right with journalist Sophia Lear. Ari gets a reality check from his lawyer about his divorce. Eric receives an over-the-top gift from Melinda Clarke, and some unsettling news from Johnny Galecki. Turtle meets with his East Coast partners on a new b...

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  • Episode 7 - Second to Last
    Komedie, S8:E7

    Vince continues to woo Sophia. The DeLucas fall in love with a pricey restaurant space, forcing Turtle to pitch his investors for more money. Distraught over Sloan, Eric turns to Melinda (again). Ari connects with Vince and Drama's miner movie script.

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  • Episode 8 - The End
    Komedie, S8:E8

    Series Finale. After a first date, Vince pulls out all the stops for Sophia. Ari and Mrs. Ari take a step forward, and a step back, at therapy. Drama, Turtle and Vince try to convince Sloan to give Eric another chance.

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