Barneprogram, Drama

The Evermoor Chronicles

6.2IMDb2014 • Storbritannia • 21 min

Vi følger den amerikanske tenåringen Tara Crossley når hun reiser til en avsidesliggende engelsk landsby. Der må hun lære å takle sin nye stefamilie, et helt nytt miljø og alt det mystiske som foregår i Evermoor.

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Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - Splintered
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E1

    Bella is set to leave Evermoor and follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, as her Cousin Alice and Uncle Jed move into the manor. But when Ludo ruins Bella’s fashion project, she sends him to the creepy Stink Island to collect new materials. Meanwhile Otto’s brother – Iggi also journeys...

  • Episode 2 - The Things They Say About Alice
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E2

    After being plagued by rumours at her previous school, Alice is nervous about making a good impression during her first day at Evermoor High. But when a magic splinter causes any rumour about Alice to come true, she finds herself turning into a rock star and causing chaos! As Alice risks Jed find...

  • Episode 3 - No Life Crisis
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E3

    It’s Ludo’s birthday and Bella is determined to make it the best birthday ever to cheer him up, even arranging for Jake to turn up from London. But Jake seems to prefer hanging out with Lacie. Ludo really starts to feel invisible, until Jake’s gift threatens to expose Ludo’s ghostly secret. Meanw...

  • Episode 4 - Love (Really) Hurts
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E4

    After being humiliated in front of Bella, Otto is determined to make a good impression by joining Cameron’s wrestling team. He uses a magic splinter to make him a champion wrestler. When Bella finds out Otto has cheated, she feels lets down – they need those splinters to save Ludo. But Otto is g...

  • Episode 5 - Rags To Riches
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E5

    Iggi mislays his map of the cryptstones and it ends up being dyed, then stitched into a dress Bella is making. Alice was the last person to see it – so only she knows what was on that map. So Iggi asks her on a ‘date’ in order to get this information from her. Alice panics that it’s the first dat...

  • Episode 6 - Dogsbody
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E6

    Bella is given a last-chance opportunity to save her application to fashion school. But it means she must stage a fashion show – tonight! Meanwhile splinter magic causes Jake to inadvertently swap brains with Ludo’s dog. But Iggi is after the dog too, having realised it can sniff out cryptstones....

  • Episode 7 - El Monsignor's Last Stand
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E7

    Alice feels side-lined when she discovers her dad is dating Crimson. Worried that she’s being dragged into Evermoorian family life, she decides to take action. If only someone else could win Crimson’s heart… Alice uses splinter magic to bring to life “El Monsignor,” the hero of Crimson’s favouri...

  • Episode 8 - The Itchies
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E8

    Jake discovers the extent of Iggi’s lies and is determined to bring Iggi and Davorin to justice – but with a spell preventing him from telling the others what he’s learned, he must go it alone. Meanwhile, Bella invites old friend, Harper, a renowned fashion vlogger to Evermoor, hoping to get som...

  • Episode 9 - Race to Stink Island
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E9

    Ludo gets some of his memory back and recalls filming on his phone the night he was shattered. Surely the key to finding out what happened is on that phone! Everyone is set on getting to the phone first to find out the truth. As everyone races to Stink Island to find the phone first, Iggi frames ...

  • Episode 10 - Little White Big Fat Lie
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E10

    When Alice breaks her curfew, Jed is furious. Worried that she’s turning into a teenage rebel and getting into the same trouble again, he threatens to move her away from Evermoor. Alice doesn’t want to be moved again, so she tells a lie, claiming she was planning a surprise romantic dinner for he...

  • Episode 11 - Showtime!
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E11

    It’s opening night of the school play, but Bella and the gang have bigger worries – Iggi is very close to releasing Davorin. He’s discovered the location of the last cryptstone – right under Evermoor manor! Bella manages to restage to play in the manor to thwart Iggi’s plans, but Iggi’s determine...

  • Episode 12 - Vampire Luau
    Barneprogram, Drama, S2:E12

    Unaware that Davorin is now free, the gang celebrate their victory. Bella is delighted when she finds out that she has been accepted to fashion school and prepares to finally leave Evermoor, so the gang arrange a farewell party she’ll never forget… However Bella feels forgotten quickly when every...

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