Barneprogram, Drama

The Evermoor Chronicles

6.1 IMDb2014 • Storbritannia • 21 min • Sesong 1, Episode 10

Tara’s wristwatch gets covered in magic black thread. Now it can turn back time! Tara, Bella and Sorsha have the worst day ever when Sorsha’s plans to spend more time with Seb fail, and a humiliating poem that Bella has written about Cameron goes public (thanks to Tara). The girls try to fix it using Tara’s watch. But each time they go back they make matters worse. Meanwhile, Lacie weaves a black thread prediction on the tapestry. It seems to depict the destruction of Evermoor – a village encircled by blackness, sinking into the bog.

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  • Episode 1 - Chapter 1
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E1

    Tara has brought her family – and herself – back from oblivion. But her problems start to spiral as Esmerelda gets closer to working out that the Supreme Everine is Tara. Tara tries to throw her off the scent, but only succeeds in making Esmerelda think that it’s Bella who has the Supreme powers....

  • Episode 2 - Chapter 2
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E2

    Tara has rescued Bella from the tapestry, and fooled the Circle into believing that Bella is the Supreme Everine. But when she pulled Bella from the tapestry, Tara left a rip in it. And now anything that has ever been predicted on the tapestry can literally step out of it. The first person to es...

  • Episode 3 - Chapter 3
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E3

    Tonight is the Night of the Stench, when the bog turns against the village and its odour fouls the air. Tara is horrified when the tapestry predicts Cameron will meet his fate before dawn. Seb and Sorsha discover that Cameron’s missing mother was turned into a tree many years ago. And Bridget ar...

  • Episode 4 - Chapter 4
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E4

    Tara has to find out a way to save her family from disappearing from Evermoor because Esmeralda unpicks their family thread. Tara discovers that she is the supreme everine.

  • Episode 5 - Normal
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E5

    Tara comes up with a crazy plan to pull her own magical self out of the tapestry to help her defeat Bridget. Instead she accidentally pulls out Tallulah Brinkworth, Tara’s fictional alter-ego from her mother’s novels! Tara decides to use this to her advantage but before she can it all goes horrib...

  • Episode 6 - Weaving Bad
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E6

    Tara accidentally ripped the tapestry when she rescued Bella. Now Cotton Lively, a trainee Everine from the 17th century who has a nasty disease, has escaped through the rip.

  • Episode 7 - Night of the Stench
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E7

    Two of the three Founders have now taken villagers as hosts – Esmerelda and Lacie. But Tara smashed the lantern before the third Founder could be released. The third Founder is trapped until the lantern can be repaired. The Founders get revenge on Tara by tricking her into using forbidden ancient...

  • Episode 8 - Drifty
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E8

    Tara and Bella track down Bridget, hoping she can lift the curse that prevents Tara kissing Cameron. But Esmerelda and Lacie are also seeking Bridget. They need her to repair the lantern so they can release the third Founder and become all powerful. Esmerelda turns her attention to Bella, who is ...

  • Episode 9 - Tallulah Brinkworth Meets Her Match
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E9

    Tara is ready to turn her back on magic and get back to normal. She enters a spelling bee to impress her mother and improve her grades. Meanwhile the Founders create a black spider to give them a source of dark thread. With this thread and Bridget they repair their lantern. Now they just need th...

  • Episode 10 - Forevermoor
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E10

    Tara’s wristwatch gets covered in magic black thread. Now it can turn back time! Tara, Bella and Sorsha have the worst day ever when Sorsha’s plans to spend more time with Seb fail, and a humiliating poem that Bella has written about Cameron goes public (thanks to Tara). The girls try to fix it u...

  • Episode 11 - Day of Hearts
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E11

    It’s Prom Night, but the villagers are in shock at the corrosive black prediction sewn on the tapestry. In order to protect it, the Circle announce a round the clock guard in the tapestry room. It’s a Circle Page’s job, which means Seb will have to miss Prom! So Tara summons a circle page, Chess...

  • Episode 12 - The Labours of Bella
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E12

    In an explosive court case following the theft of the tapestry, Sorsha is expelled from the Circle when she takes the blame for Seb. But Tara is ultimately the scapegoat. She is put under house arrest and given an Evermoorian ankle tag – a squawking bird named Hans. Meanwhile, Esmerelda and Lacie...

  • Episode 13 - Spellbound
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E13

    Only true love’s kiss can bring Otto back. But Otto’s true love turns out to be Valentina, a demigoddess who has never forgiven Otto for breaking her heart. Now Valentina is out for revenge and it’s up to Tara to rekindle the love between them. Meanwhile Esmerelda and Lacie are still looking for ...

  • Episode 14 - Nothing Rhymes with Cameron
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E14

    Now all the other Everines have disappeared, it looks like Bella is next on the list. So Tara and the gang decide to watch over her, to keep her safe, and to steal the Lantern and destroy it. Their plan goes badly wrong when a gaggle of Evermoorian worry dolls turn Sorsha into a reckless rebel a...

  • Episode 15 - Twist of Fate
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E15

    Bella is now a statuette. Having learned that the only way to turn someone back from stone is with love’s kiss, Tara realises she has only one option: she must get Cameron to fall for Bella and kiss her back to life. The only way to make Cameron think that Bella is the one is for Tara to take on ...

  • Episode 16 - A Fuffwah Too Far
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E16

    Sorsha now has a Founder in her head, but she is not evil. Esmerelda and Lacie realise that the love between Sorsha and Seb is protecting her, keeping the third Founder at bay. Plotting to destroy that bond, they transform their dark spider (‘Mary’) into a beautiful, science-obsessed schoolgirl ...

  • Episode 17 - Valentina
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E17

    The Founders have summoned the ghostly village of Hollowfall... Legend has it a go-between must be sent to appease the Hollowmen, and no go-between has ever returned. So Sorsha volunteers, as a way to take her Founder with her, thus keeping Evermoor safe. Seb and Tara both volunteer too, but it i...

  • Episode 18 - Operation Lights Out
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E18

    Tara discovers a way to evict the Founders from their human hosts and save Sorsha, and it involves steering the vote for the Snootcoming King and Queen so that ‘her’ couple are picked. Then the ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ will be able to perform a magic dance that will cast the Founders back into their la...

  • Episode 19 - Being Bella
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E19

    Tara tries to send the Founders back home to the demigod realm where Otto’s father can punish them. And, with a sacrifice from Otto, Tara almost pulls it off – only for Sorsha to learn of Seb’s kiss with Mary. Sorsha’s bond with Seb is broken. With Sorsha no longer protected by love, the Founder ...

  • Episode 20 - The Science of Seb
    Barneprogram, Drama, S1:E20

    Alone and outnumbered, Tara receives help from an unlikely source – the people of Hollowfall, who hate the Founders even more than she does. Thanks to a restored Bridget, Tara regains her powers – but the last of the golden thread has been used up to keep Cameron alive after an evil spider bite. ...