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Sesong 8
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Sesong 8
  • Episode 1 - Breaking Out of the Bubble
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E1

    Toya struggles with Dr. Eugene working long hours at the hospital; Contessa and Scott bicker over working together; Jackie and Simone struggle to understand their fractured friendship; Heavenly throws a 50th birthday party for Damon.

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    Episode 2 - Graduation Snub
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E2

    Damon's birthday; Toya discusses racism and diversity with her boys; Contessa builds out a new medical practice; Anila confronts financial woes; Heavenly and Simone address their issues; Simone throws a graduation party for her son.

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    Episode 3 - New Year, Old Feuds
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E3

    Simone and the doctors continue the fight against COVID-19 on the front lines; Contessa vents to Jackie; Toya's frustration over home schooling the kids continues; Heavenly shares some shady gossip with Quad; Toya and Contessa's old feud reignites.

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    Episode 4 - Home Court Advantage
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E4

    Simone prepares to send Michael off to college with one last basketball game; Anila tries to impress her parents with her new home; Eugene confronts Toya about her behavior; after an epic basketball showdown, Heavenly and Toya exchange heated words.

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    Episode 5 - Friendship Foes & Marital Woes
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E5

    Simone and Heavenly's feud breaks up Damon's birthday party; Toya discusses racism and diversity with her boys; Heavenly helps a gossip blogger; Anila confronts financial woes due to the pandemic; Simone throws a graduation party for her son.

  • Episode 6 - The Power of Crystals
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E6

    As the tension grows between Jackie and Simone, their husbands try and talk sense into them; Heavenly gets an unexpected call for an opportunity to help a young protester; Contessa asks Paris to throw a healing crystal event for the group.

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    Episode 7 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E7

    The doctors and wives head to the March on Washington; Reverend Al Sharpton and Ben Crump discuss race relations in America; tensions brew between the doctor's and the wives.

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    Episode 8 - Know Your Status DC
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E8

    Toya makes a splash and confronts Heavenly and Contessa; the doctors take a stand against the pandemic and systemic racism when they perform COVID testing at the March on Washington; the ladies head to dinner but ditch two of their own.

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    Episode 9 - Let the Emojis Fly
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E9

    After a medical mission in Washington, D.C., the group heads home to Atlanta; Damon and Heavenly discuss the March on Washington with their kids; Toya confronts Anila about her finances; Quad and Heavenly come head to head over an emoji incident.

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    Episode 10 - Ain't No Party Like a Self-Love Party
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E10

    Life comes to a halt when everyone has to isolate; Toya discovers that Quad and Heavenly can't stop talking about her; Heavenly questions her son's investments; Simone thinks about adding to the family; Jackie surprises the ladies with a porn star.

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    Episode 11 - Club Q-uarantine
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E11

    Simone gives her son Miles an ultimatum; Contessa opens her new practice, but it's the same old issues with Scott; Quad throws a game-night party at her home; Toya is forced to own up to her past words about Quad's house.

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    Episode 12 - Holi Mess
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E12

    Anila and Quad bond over their shared issues with Toya; Simone and Contessa try to get to the bottom of Toya's problems; Anila hosts a Holi event hoping to heal some of the friendships within the group, but old feuds flare up.

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    Episode 13 - Chanel Charade
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E13

    Cecil and Eugene hang with Scott; Anila learns some upsetting news about her daughter; Heavenly and Zach put the final touches on their new rental property; Contessa uncovers some truths about herself.

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    Episode 14 - Scott's Secret
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E14

    The town hall event is threatened when Simone learns some disturbing info about Lisa Nicole on the local news; Scott drops a bombshell on Contessa that could undermine their entire marriage.

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    Episode 15 - Jekyll Island Pt. 1
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E15

    The ladies finally get to Jekyll Island; Heavenly and Toya come together in hopes of starting anew; Contessa confides in Jackie and Quad about her suspicions of Scott; Anila stirs the pot over a bad deal with Lisa Nicole.

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    Episode 16 - Jekyll Island Pt. 2
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E16

    In the season finale, the women enjoy a day of leisure that leads to some close encounters; Anila finds a creative way to get her money from Lisa.

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    Episode 17 - Reunion Part 1
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E17

    Quad shakes things up with Toya when she brings up the heated Instagram live debate; Anila and Toya's friendship is tested, while Heavenly and Toya share a special kiss; Contessa reveals shocking information about her marriage to Scott.

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    Episode 18 - Reunion Part 2
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E18

    The women question Scott's fidelity, and Contessa has a breakdown backstage; Simone and Jackie's friendship is questioned, while Simone is brought to tears over her hostile relationship with Heavenly; Scott is caught in a web of lies.

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    Episode 19 - Reunion Part 3
    Reality, Romantikk, S8:E19

    Scott is put in the hot seat; the women join the stage and share how difficult this past year has been for all of their marriages; the ladies joke about the shade they've thrown, but Quad takes it to the next level.

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