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6.7IMDb2009 • USA • Sesong 6, Episode 6

"What the World Needs Now" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 114th overall. The episode was written by Michael Hitchcock, directed by Barbara Brown, and first aired on February 6, 2015 on Fox in the United States. The episode takes place as Mercedes Jones returns to McKinley High to help Rachel Berry with New Directions, and at the same time convince her to attempt to return to New York to be on Broadway. Meanwhile, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce prepare for their wedding as Brittany tries to repair the torn relationship between Santana and her grandmother. Special guest appearances were made by Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge as Brittany's parents, Pierce Pierce and Whitney Pierce, and Ivonne Coll who reprised her role as Alma Lopez, the grandmother ("abuela") of Santana Lopez.

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