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Reality, Underholdning

In a Man's World


Bravo documents the experiences of women who temporarily transform into men. With award-winning makeup artists and voice and movement coaches, the women tackle gender issues and explore what it's like to experience the world as a man. They receive coaching for months learning how to move and talk like their male counterparts. The women include a top-ranked pool player who is forced to leverage her looks to get the sponsorship she needs as well as a career woman who experiences gender bias in her Indian-American community. The others include an aspiring politician who faces a focus group disguised as a man and a preacher who is striving to achieve success in a male-dominated world.

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Sesong 1
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    Episode 1 - Emily
    Reality, Underholdning, S1:E1

    Top-ranked pool player Emily is forced to leverage her looks to get the sponsorship she needs, and she gets harassed by male players; she undergoes the makeover of a lifetime to transform into a man to prove there's a gender bias in pool.

  • Episode 2 - Le'Dor
    Reality, Underholdning, S1:E2

    In her opinion, Le'Dor loses her city council election because she's a mother; in a social experiment, she transforms into a father of young children and faces a focus group tasked with assessing the viability of potential politicians.

  • Episode 3 - Sabrina
    Reality, Underholdning, S1:E3

    Preacher Sabrina dedicates her life to spreading God's gospel, but achieving success in a male dominated world has proven difficult; to prove gender bias in the church, Sabrina undergoes a makeover transforming her into a man.

  • Episode 4 - Shital
    Reality, Underholdning, S1:E4

    Shital is a career woman whose parents want her to settle down and have children; to expose gender bias in her Indian-American community, Shital makes the radical decision to go undercover as a man and infiltrate a family holiday celebration.

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