Musicians the Jonas Brothers star in a single-camera sitcom as -- surprise! -- rock star brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas of the band JONAS. When the trio is not on tour, the guys live in New Jersey on Jonas Street (the inspiration for the band's name) with their parents, Tom and Sandy, and little brother Frankie. They attend Horace Mantis Academy and clown around with their childhood friend Stella Malone, who offers the boys endless style tips, and her best friend, Macy Misa, Horace's star athlete. The series features songs created especially for it by the brothers.

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Sesong 2
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Sesong 2
  • Episode 1 - House Party
    Sitcom, S2:E1

    When the guys arrive in LA for a summer of relaxing and, for the first time, independence, they get talked into throwing a big house party.

  • Episode 2 - Back to the Beach
    Sitcom, S2:E2

    When Joe has major anxiety while preparing for his audition, Kevin, Stella, and Vanessa each try to help him. At the casting office, Joe ends up auditioning against a bunch of guys who look like him because the director wanted a "Joe Jonas-type".

  • Episode 3 - Date Expectations
    Sitcom, S2:E3

    When Stella's date comes to pick her up, Joe grills her new suitor. Meanwhile, Nick and Kevin each vie for a slot at a charity ping pong tournament and let their competition with each other get out of control.

  • Episode 4 - And... Action!
    Sitcom, S2:E4

    When Joe has a rough first day on the set of Forever April, Kevin makes a pest of himself trying to help Joe and gets kicked off the lot. Meanwhile, Macy gets frustrated that Nick is not picking up the hints she's dropping about how much she likes him.

  • Episode 5 - America's Sweethearts
    Sitcom, S2:E5

    When Mona comes to the house to do a photo shoot with Joe and Vanessa, she hires Stella to do the wardrobe. Mona convinces Joe to give Vanessa a surprise kiss in the middle of the shoot, creating an awkward situation for Joe and Stella.

  • Episode 6 - The Secret
    Sitcom, S2:E6

    Big Man asks the boys to watch his niece Kiara for the day. When Nick and Macy disagree over whether to keep their relationship a secret, Kiara figures it out and threatens to reveal it to the rest of the group.

  • Episode 7 - A Wasabi Story
    Sitcom, S2:E7

    Vanessa invites Shiraki, a famous sushi chef, to cook for her and Joe, then invites Stella and Ben along to double date. But when Ben catches Stella in the kitchen with Joe in a near-kiss, he breaks it off with her.

  • Episode 8 - Up in the Air
    Sitcom, S2:E8

    Joe gets Stella a job on the "Forever April" set. Stella is thrilled, but Vanessa is not and demands that Stella quit. When Stella refuses, Vanessa convinces Joe to let her stay in the guest house with Stella and Macy while her house is being painted.

  • Episode 9 - Direct to Video
    Sitcom, S2:E9

    Dad and Frankie drop in for a surprise inspection and to get the boys to focus on their music. Kevin wants to direct a music video for the boys, but Dad encourages them to try a hot new director.

  • Episode 10 - The Flirt Locker
    Sitcom, S2:E10

    Joe has an interview with Jessika, a precocious teen movie blogger with a reputation for being brutally honest. Things are going well at the interview until it becomes clear that Jessika has misinterpreted Joe's friendliness for flirtation.

  • Episode 11 - Boat Trip
    Sitcom, S2:E11

    Nick and Macy decide to organize a cruise to bring Joe and Stella back together. Meanwhile, David Henrie shows up to challenge Kevin to a celebrity beach competition.

  • Episode 12 - On the Radio
    Sitcom, S2:E12

    As Forever April is wrapping up, Mona approaches Joe to offer him a staring role in the sequel, which will shoot abroad. The JONAS boys try to dispel rumors that they are breaking up only to realize they might be.

  • Episode 13 - Band of Brothers
    Sitcom, S2:E13

    Joe races to LAX to catch Stella before she leaves. Meanwhile, Macy suggests the band play a secret gig that night to dispel the rumors that JONAS is breaking up.

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