Law & Order: UK

7.5 IMDb2005 • Storbritannia • Sesong 4, Episode 2

The police investigate the shooting of 54 year-old Rachel Callaghan, a well-known high court judge, during what seems to be a car-jacking. They retrieve the car fairly quickly from a dupe who bought the car on the cheap. When they arrest the middleman in the sale, he points to a man named Eddie as the thief. It quickly becomes obvious that this wasn't just a carjacking and that it's likely Eddie was hired to kill the woman. The evidence points to the victims husband Dan but the victim tells the Crown Prosecutors that she will testify on his behalf if they proceed with the case. When she orders her doctors to withdraw her medication, James Steele seeks the court's permission to question her before she dies but after she tries to commit suicide, he has to seek her to be declared mentally incompetent.