Maximum Bob


The good folks of Deepwater, Fla., call Judge Bob Gibbs "Maximum Bob" because of his fondness for doling out maximum sentences for minimal infractions. Certainly the judge, who loves to flex his judicial muscle, has to put up with a fair share of weirdness, even at home, where his wife, Leanne -- a former mermaid at a popular tourist attraction -- has been channeling spirits ever since undergoing a mystical underwater experience. The eccentric local residents also include the (possible inbred) Crowe family out in the swamps; Sheriff Gary, who has a passion for tango; and chronic offender Sonny Dupree, who is mean as a snake and half as bright. Judge Gibbs may have met his maximum match, however, in newcomer Kathy Baker, a spirited Miami public offender curious to find out why the judge has sentenced one of her clients to death row for drinking a beer in public.
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