Stol på legen

Stol på legen
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Dokumentar, Helse • Storbritannia

Michael Mosley og eit team legar hjelper deg å skilje gode frå dårlege helseråd. Kva kan dokumenterast, og kva er sprøyt?

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  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, Helse, S9:E1

    Michael Mosley tests how vigorously people really need to exercise to start seeing improvements to their physical and mental health. Alain Gregoire cures his lifelong phobia of heights in just two hours using virtual reality. Zoe Williams investigates whether the 10-minute one-to-one GP appointme...

  • Episode 2
    Dokumentar, Helse, S9:E2

    Giles Yeo tests the extraordinary claim that eating less can boost your memory. Alain Gregoire discovers the body's secret built-in stress-buster. Zoe Williams reveals how to spot a hidden illness that can cause stillbirth. Michael uncovers how a simple magnet can save the sight of people with gl...

  • Episode 3
    Dokumentar, Helse, S9:E3

    Michael Mosley tests whether diet can affect mental health. Guddi Singh finds out the best way to calm a crying baby, and Alain Gregoire uncovers the future tech that could tell people if they are developing dementia. Zoe Williams reveals a new treatment for psoriasis, a skin condition that affec...