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Mexican Dynasties

Three families, the Allendes, the Bessudos and the Madrazos have all that Mexico City has to offer. These three families are connected to each other through a string of personal and professional relationships that go back for decades. These families challenge stereotypes and showcase their over-the-top lifestyles while raising a few eyebrow, but they use humor and their hearts to overcome their obstacles in life.

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1 - Dynasties, Dinero, and Dysfunction
    Reality, S1:E1

    Doris Bessudo returns to Mexico City to help her mother, Raquel, pick up the pieces after Doris' father's death; Fernando and Mari Allende anticipate the arrival of their son, Elan, and his wife, Jenny; Oscar Madrazo returns home from a vacation.

  • Episode 2 - A Star Is Torn
    Reality, S1:E2

    Elan and Jenny kick off their music career by signing with a major Mexican record label; Adan auditions for the talent show, "La Voz;" Doris adjusts to working at home; she convinces Raquel to attend Oscar and Paulina's Canasta party.

  • Episode 3 - La Voz of Reason
    Reality, S1:E3

    Oscar's birthday begins with a mariachi band and ends with a wild S&M themed party; Jenny and Elan move their kids to Mexico; Adan worries he made the wrong decision about "La Voz."

  • Episode 4 - A Family Fractured
    Reality, S1:E4

    The families celebrate Mari and Fernando's 31st wedding anniversary on the canals of Xochimilco; Adan brings Doris along to a recording session with Ricky Martin's producer; Jenny and Elan record new songs; tensions reach a boiling point.

  • Episode 5 - Grudges and Gefilte Fish
    Reality, S1:E5

    Jenny and Elan move into their own place; Oscar puts himself on the market in his search for love; Raquel and Doris cook up a plan to introduce the Madrazos and Allendes to their Jewish culture; Jenny and Elan dread seeing Fernando and Mari.

  • Episode 6 - Love Is in the Air
    Reality, S1:E6

    Adan and Elan attend a Lucha Libre match. Oscar and Paulina take their kids on a hot air balloon ride, during which Oscar summons the courage to tell them he's been seeing someone; Raquel and Doris are interviewed by Mexico's premiere magazine.

  • Episode 7 - Tres Is a Crowd
    Reality, S1:E7

    Raquel considers getting back into the dating world; Oscar decides to bring Tarek to Doris' event, but he flips-flops after realizing that he'll be introducing him to friends, his mother and Paulina; Doris and Mari play tug of war with Adan's career.

  • Episode 8 - Paz for Concern
    Reality, S1:E8

    Doris investigates Sam's background; Jenny decides to set her friend up with Adan; Mari reels from her talk with Doris, and daggers are thrown when the two reunite at Oscar and Paulina's Que Madrazo anniversary party.

  • Episode 9 - The Runaway
    Reality, S1:E9

    Mari reveals what Doris said at the Que Madrazo party; Adan seeks solace and an airbed at Jenny and Elan's place -- and the company of their houseguest, Maria Paz; Doris helps her mother launch a line of skin care creams.

  • Episode 10 - Blood Is Thicker Than Tequila
    Reality, S1:E10

    Raquel invites Doris to sit for a portrait; Oscar is ready to take the next step with Tarek and introduces him to his children; Jenny and Elan worry when Adan leaves their house in the middle of the night after a mysterious phone call.

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