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NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians

This animated co-production of Nickelodeon and the NFL follows the adventures of young protagonist Ish and his friends as they head out on a journey to protect the NFL's 32 teams, along with the rest of the world, from a master villain's evil plots. Ish and his family have recently moved to Canton, Ohio, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is where Ish discovers the league is facing a pair of new foes -- Wild Card and his wingman, Drop Kick -- who scheme to destroy the world by targeting the Megacores, the essence of each of the league's teams. As the conflict escalates, Ish continues to train and improve his skills and is joined by members of his local Youth Tackle League to help battle Wild Card and Drop Kick. Each episode features the voices of NFL players and coaches, including Drew Brees and Rex Ryan, in guest-starring roles.