Barneprogram, Animert

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt


Armed with tools and engineering smarts, monkey mechanic Chico Bon Bon and his Fix-It Force help the people of Blunderburg solve all of their problems.
  • Andy Abbott
  • Anthony Tedesco
  • Blu Bishop
  • Cole Seaver

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 4
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
  • Sesong 3
  • Sesong 4
Sesong 4
  • Episode 1
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E1

    The Fix-It Force must find a monster-sized serving of ice cream before a giant creature destroys Blunderburg seeking all the scoops she can get.

  • Episode 2
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E2

    A swarm of tree-gobbling beetles threatens Blunderburg! But Chico and friends realize their favorite pastime, Sprinkle Ball, just might save them all.

  • Episode 3
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E3

    Chico always aces his tool belt test. Will the chain reaction of accidents all around him break his concentration — and his winning streak?

  • Episode 4
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E4

    Skateboarders will make a mess of City Hall before Mr. McFluster’s once-a-year inspection — unless Chico's crew can build a park with a radical ramp.

  • Episode 5
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E5

    No street cart is safe when Mrs. Coleslaw blindly slips into the driver’s seat of Tool Force One. Only Chico's makeshift parachute can slow her down!

  • Episode 6
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E6

    Book-loving burglars are nabbing anything they can read in the treehouse. Can the Fix-It Force re-engineer a device to track them down?

  • Episode 7
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E7

    They’ve lost all power in Blunderburg Tower! Without a battery with a big-enough charge, Chico and Co. need to find a new way to generate electricity.

  • Episode 8
    Barneprogram, Animert, S4:E8

    Popsicles are the perfect treat to beat the heat. But used sticks littered around town are causing problems, so Chico must find ways to repurpose them.

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