Country Comfort

Country Comfort is an upcoming American comedy streaming television series created by Caryn Lucas that is set to premiere on Netflix on March 19, 2021.
  • Adrienne Visnic
  • Alexander Neher
  • Brad Abrell
  • Brett Rice

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E1

    Harmony leads to heartache as aspiring singer Bailey’s big break falls to pieces. But a chance encounter on a stormy night leads to new possibilities.

  • Episode 2
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E2

    As Bailey settles in over breakfast, Dylan kick-starts his career as her new manager. Will a last-minute audition lead to stardom... or serious drama?

  • Episode 3
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E3

    Beau and the kids get cleaned up for a church wedding — and encounter an unexpected guest at the house. Meanwhile, Cassidy struggles with her faith.

  • Episode 4
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E4

    Bailey and the Haywoods make the best of bittersweet news as Beau prepares to replace his late wife’s mare. Brody reconnects with an old friend.

  • Episode 5
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E5

    While Tuck and Brody struggle with sibling rivalry, Bailey struggles to balance a big audition and a LeAnn Rimes concert with Cassidy.

  • Episode 6
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E6

    Beau and Summer’s relationship takes center stage after she asks him to spend the night. Elsewhere, Brody and Tuck prepare for a double date night.

  • Episode 7
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E7

    On the heels of exciting news, Bailey struggles to keep her past out of her present and future. Meanwhile, Beau navigates a bad case of heartache.

  • Episode 8
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E8

    Boone’s big ask leads to a big answer. The following morning, Beau tries to minimize his birthday, much to the dismay of Bailey and the kids.

  • Episode 9
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E9

    It’s lights, camera, action for Bailey as a Rocky Top Records film crew stops by the ranch… and encounters a less-than-cinematic day of disaster.

  • Episode 10
    Drama, Komedie, S1:E10

    Bailey’s time to shine finally arrives — but the Haywoods aren’t ready to say goodbye. Brody revisits his feelings for Jo, and Boone drops a bombshell.

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