Descendants: Wicked World

Descendants: Wicked World is an animated short-form series based on the Disney Channel movie Descendants. It premiered on September 18, 2015 on the Disney Channel and its digital platforms, including WATCH Disney Channel. The series picks up after the film and introduces new characters. Providing the voices of the animated characters are the movie's stars: Dove Cameron as Mal, Sofia Carson as Evie, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Booboo Stewart as Jay, Mitchell Hope as Ben, Brenna D'Amico as Jane, Sarah Jeffery as Audrey and Dianne Doan as Lonnie.
  • Booboo Stewart
  • Bradley Steven Perry
  • Brenna D'Amico
  • Cameron Boyce

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 2
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1
    , S2:E1

    While throwing a slumber party, the AKs and VKs realize that despite their differences,they’d rather be friends with each other than anyone else.

  • Episode 2
    , S2:E2

    Music video by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Lauryn McClain, Brenna D'Amico performing Rather Be With You.

  • Episode 3
    , S2:E3

    The AKs school the VKs on the history of Auradon’s “Jewel-bilee” ceremony and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Mal’s family gem.

  • Episode 4
    , S2:E4

    Mal and Freddie sneak back onto the Isle of the Lost in hopes of finding Mal’s missing Jewel-bilee gem.

  • Episode 5
    , S2:E5

    Mal’s evil ways cause chaos as Audrey, Jane and the rest of the girls rehearse for the big Jewel-bilee performance.

  • Episode 6
    , S2:E6

    Mal’s mischievous spell leads to a colorful scene in the chemistry lab for Evie, Freddie, Jane and Audrey. A newcomer sneaks into Auradon!

  • Episode 7
    , S2:E7

    In the school cafeteria, all the AKs and VKs argue about Mal’s evil behavior leading to a school wide food fight.

  • Episode 8
    , S2:E8

    Evie, Carlos, and Jay solve the mystery behind Mal’s missing Jewel-bilee gem.

  • Episode 9
    , S2:E9

    Music video by Dove Cameron performing "Evil."

  • Episode 10
    , S2:E10

    The Jewel-bilee is here, but so is Auradon’s newest VK, Zevon!

  • Episode 11
    , S2:E11

    When Jay, Freddie, Carlos and Jane interrupt Zevon’s wicked plans, Zevon uses his potion powers to shrink their impact.

  • Episode 12
    , S2:E12

    Audrey’s big song and dance number is ruined when Zevon crashes the Jewel-bilee.

  • Episode 13
    , S2:E13

    Mal and Evie rush to help their friends, only to discover the AKs are unwilling to work together with the VKs.

  • Episode 14
    , S2:E14

    Pint-sized Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane get trapped inside Jordan’s lamp.

  • Episode 15
    , S2:E15

    Mal and Evie face off against Zevon as he uses the stolen Jewel-bilee gems to take over all of Auradon.

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