Komedie, Fantasi

Dragons: Rescue Riders


Twins Dak and Leyla and their dragon friends devote their lives to rescuing others, defending their home of Huttsgalor and having fun along the way.
  • Andre Robinson
  • Ashley Bornancin
  • Brad Grusnick
  • Brennley Brown

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 2
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E1

    Magnus's nephew, Axel, arrives on the island and tells the Rescue Riders that he wants to join their team. But is he just a trickster like his uncle?

  • Episode 2
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E2

    When sea-dwelling dragons called Divewings start attacking ships near the island, the Rescue Riders have to find out what's making them so upset.

  • Episode 3
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E3

    Magnus and Axel unveil their new "mechano-dragon." It's impressive at first, but the Riders set out to prove it's no better than a bucket of bolts.

  • Episode 4
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E4

    In need of some rest and relaxation, the Riders head out on vacation. But their supposedly perfect island getaway isn't quite what they hoped for.

  • Episode 5
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E5

    When a swashbuckling adventurer named Waldondo comes to town, the Riders enthusiastically join him on a treasure hunt for a priceless gem.

  • Episode 6
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E6

    The Riders find a Puffertail and train her to join the family. She struggles to learn but soon finds herself with a chance to make a big rescue.

  • Episode 7
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E7

    Aggro is embarrassed about big changes she's going through. And when she gets stuck in a volcano, the Rescue Riders seek help from ... Magnus?

  • Episode 8
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E8

    When a mama Ironclaw dragon gets caught high on a mountain with a broken wing, Hannahr the blacksmith has to confront her fear of heights to help out.

  • Episode 9
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E9

    After Burple and Cutter crash-land in a village of tiny dragons, Burple's unintentional act of courage leads the locals to crown him as their king.

  • Episode 10
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E10

    Magnus's superpowered mechano-dragon threatens to replace the Riders. But when it spirals out of control, the town's real heroes have to step up!

  • Episode 11
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E11

    The Riders have to save Elbone when he's swallowed by a giant Sea Gronckle, and Dak's awful cooking might be just the thing to do it.

  • Episode 12
    Komedie, Fantasi, S2:E12

    At a big town festival, Magnus challenges Duggard in a competition to be chief of Huttsgalor! Can the Riders help their friend keep his helmet?

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