Fancy Nancy

Sesong 1, Episode 12

When Dad's boss comes over, Nancy tries to prove that she's grown-up enough to spend time with adults. Nancy becomes upset when her favorite waitress gives Jo Jo special attention.
  • Alyson Hannigan
  • Aparna Nancherla
  • Aryan Simhadri
  • Blake Moore

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    , S1:E1

    Nancy and Bree teach us how to host an exquisite tea party.

  • Episode 2
    , S1:E2

    Nancy fancies up her beloved dog, Frenchy.

  • Episode 3
    , S1:E3

    Nancy teaches her Dad how to wear a boa.

  • Episode 4
    , S1:E4

    Nancy and Bree teach us how to have a fashion show.

  • Episode 5
    , S1:E5

    Nancy and her mom make an edible flower out of vegetables.

  • Episode 6
    , S1:E6

    Nancy and Bree show us how to make hair fancy.

  • Episode 7
    , S1:E7

    Nancy teaches JoJo how to fancy-up her outfit.

  • Episode 8
    , S1:E8

    Nancy and Bree make fancy tiaras.

  • Episode 9
    , S1:E9

    Nancy teaches JoJo basic French.

  • Episode 10
    , S1:E10

    Nancy and friends offer ideas on how to make a fancy signature.

  • Episode 11
    , S1:E11

    Nancy refuses to go to a Halloween party when she discovers that her costume isn't original. Nancy's imagination runs wild when she thinks she sees a ghost on Halloween!

  • Episode 12
    , S1:E12

    When Dad's boss comes over, Nancy tries to prove that she's grown-up enough to spend time with adults. Nancy becomes upset when her favorite waitress gives Jo Jo special attention.

  • Episode 13
    , S1:E13

    Nancy wants to be an extraordinary ice skater but has to practice first! Nancy makes a mess painting a portrait of Frenchy and lets Jo Jo take the blame!

  • Episode 14
    , S1:E14

    When a neighborhood climbing tree is declared off-limits, Nancy shows how to take a stand. In order to become a synchronized swimmer, Nancy must face her fear of going underwater.

  • Episode 15
    , S1:E15

    After the family goldfish dies, Nancy must confront her feelings of loss. When Nancy spies on her parents, she thinks she hears them plotting to give away the family dog!

  • Episode 16
    , S1:E16

    When Nancy struggles to make Santa's "Nice List", she learns the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Episode 17
    , S1:E17

    Nancy struggles to accept Bree's un-fancy interest in bugs. Nancy believes she can read animals' minds.

  • Episode 18
    , S1:E18

    While trying to win a poetry contest, Nancy gets a case of writer's block! When Nancy's Valentine's Day card to Bree is sent to Grace by mistake, Grace thinks they're best friends!

  • Episode 19
    , S1:E19

    Nancy gains a new appreciation for her Grandparents when they come to visit. Nancy partners up with her Grandpa to compete in a local ballroom dancing competition.

  • Episode 20
    , S1:E20

    Nancy fakes being sick but regrets it when her family throws a party that she'll have to miss. Nancy faces Rhonda and Wanda to determine who is the cul-de-sac hopscotch champ!

  • Episode 21
    , S1:E21

    Nancy grows jealous of Bree’s friendship with a girl from summer camp. Nancy dreams of the heroic accolades that will bestow her if she saves a lost kitten.

  • Episode 22
    , S1:E22

    When Nancy tries to win a contest for the fanciest Easter bonnet, she attracts a swarm of bugs to her bonnet. Nancy organizes a stakeout to find the Easter Bunny.

  • Episode 23
    , S1:E23

    Nancy writes a gossip column and gets a little fancy with the facts. Nancy falls in love with Grace's pony.

  • Episode 24
    , S1:E24

    Nancy rebels against her favorite teenage babysitter when she doesn't treat Nancy like a peer. Nancy regrets trading a piece of jewelry with Jo Jo and tries to trade back.

  • Episode 25
    , S1:E25

    Nancy worries Lionel’s art isn't pretty enough to put in her new museum. When Nancy imitates a fancy superhero, she winds up discovering she has a super power of her own: courage.

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