Flight of the Conchords

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, New Zealand’s 4th Most Popular Parody Duo, move to New York City to conquer America in this musical-comedy series about life, love and the pursuit of the elusive music video.
  • Alan Dale
  • Arj Barker
  • Art Garfunkel
  • Bret McKenzie

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Sesong 2
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1
    , S2:E1

    Season Two premiere. After rejecting Murray for spending too much time with another band, Bret and Jemaine find success managing themselves and land a deal to record an ad jingle; Dave shares his "double-down" deal strategy.

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  • Episode 2
    , S2:E2

    Bret and Jemaine's fortunes unravel after Bret buys a new tea cup. With emergency band funds unavailable, Jemaine takes desperate measures in hopes of supplementing their income.

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  • Episode 3
    , S2:E3

    Bret organizes a gang to protect himself from rappers he dissed in a song; Murray and Jemaine get their feelings hurt by Aussie counterparts; Mel paints a portrait Jemaine can't get rid of.

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  • Episode 4
    , S2:E4

    Murray tries to elevate Bret and Jemaine on his friendship graph, bringing his questioning pal Jim in on the plan; Mel demands an apology from Bret for inappropriate dream behavior.

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  • Episode 5
    , S2:E5

    Jemaine starts dating an Australian, to Bret's dismay and inconvenience.

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  • Episode 6
    , S2:E6

    Bret and Jemaine both fall for a woman whose missing dog has epilepsy, triggering a duel, a canine benefit, and a couple of new tunes.

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  • Episode 7
    , S2:E7

    Foiled by the White House, Murray arranges a presidential meeting for the visiting Prime Minister of New Zealand; a tribute gig ends with Jemaine getting mixed up with an Art Garfunkel fanatic.

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  • Episode 8
    , S2:E8

    Trying to look cool for a gig at the Grand Opening of New York's one-block New Zealand enclave, the Conchords end up getting hooked on hair gel.

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  • Episode 9
    , S2:E9

    Bret enlists Jemaine and Dave to help him try to land a girlfriend; Murray regrets making Greg his scapegoat.

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  • Episode 10
    , S2:E10

    Season Two finale. Unable to pay off their back rent, Bret and Jemaine move in with Mel and Doug; Murray looks to cash in on a stage play about the Conchords' travails.

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