Goof Troop

Goofy is a single father raising his son, Max in Spoonerville. As it happens, Goofy and Max end up moving in next door to Goofy's high school friend: Pete, a used car salesman and owner of Honest Pete's Used Cars; Pete's wife Peg, a real estate agent; and their two children, son P.J. (Pete Jr.) and younger daughter Pistol. Pete's son PJ and Max become best friends practically doing everything together.
  • April Winchell
  • Bill Farmer
  • Brian Cummings
  • Bruce Talkington

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    , S1:E1

    Goofy and Max move into a suburban house in Spoonerville next door to an old friend, Pete. Pete's wife Peg invites the Goofs to stay in their home until their furniture arrives.

  • Episode 2
    , S1:E2

    PJ is Positive that he failed his math final. He and Max play sick and enjoy their last day of freedom before he's grounded for life.

  • Episode 3
    , S1:E3

    Peg asks Pete to fix up a lakeside cottage that she's just sold. Pete seizes the opportunity to save a couple bucks and hires Goofy to get the job done.

  • Episode 4
    , S1:E4

    Goofy and Pete decide to take the boys camping. Mother Nature proves to be more than Goofy and Pete can handle, including a bear initiating his cub into the mysteries of tourists.

  • Episode 5
    , S1:E5

    After Max and PJ see a horror movie, they are convinced that the movie madman is in Max's house. The madman is none other than Goofy, who has locked himself out of the house.

  • Episode 6
    , S1:E6

    Goofy and Max are wallpapering the house when Pete drops by with his key and asks them to take care of his house while he goes fishing. Goofy decides to wallpaper Pete’s walls while he is out and heads off to town where he bumps into a money counterfeiter called Slick and gets mistaken for one of...

  • Episode 7
    , S1:E7

    Pete uses Max's ideas to furnish his Pete-mobile, a huge, gaudy RV that he's sure will win at a Las Vegas tradeshow. Pete showers Max with attention leaving PJ feeling left out.

  • Episode 8
    , S1:E8

    With the high school reunion coming up, every alumnus has won an award for something, except Goofy. He decides to ride the World's Tallest Skateboard Ramp to impress Max.

  • Episode 9
    , S1:E9

    Working on a project, Max and PJ accidentally send a signal to a communications satellite. NASA and the populace of Spoonerville panic and react like it's "War of the Worlds."

  • Episode 10
    , S1:E10

    When Max learns of a pirate's sunken treasure he enlists PJ in on his plan. The boys con their fathers into a fishing trip, in search for the long lost treasure.

  • Episode 11
    , S1:E11

    Pete decides he needs to get away from it all, especially Goofy! He books a vacation by himself on a deserted island but Goofy accidentally gets locked in Pete's trunk.

  • Episode 12
    , S1:E12

    Through a bureaucratic mix-up, Goofy finds himself a fireman for a day! He assumes his duties, hilariously handling emergency after emergency which just seems to make things worse.

  • Episode 13
    , S1:E13

    A misunderstanding makes Max think he has to get a Mom or risk being taken away from Goofy. Peg steps in as matchmaker, while Pete tries to complicate Goofy's quest for love.

  • Episode 14
    , S1:E14

    Pistol wants to fly, but everyone tells her she’s too young. Pete talks Goofy into babysitting, so Goofy and Max take her to an air show. A mishap on Pete’s commercial shoot puts him in danger and Pistol has to pilot a plane to save him.

  • Episode 15
    , S1:E15

    Goofy passes down his old Little League gear to Max. Pete, not to be outdone by his former Little League teammate, slaps PJ into his old uniform and starts training him too.

  • Episode 16
    , S1:E16

    Max hopes to win an expensive Hawaiian vacation for Goofy by entering a tape of his Dad's screw-ups in the "America's Most Painful Home Videos" TV contest.

  • Episode 17
    , S1:E17

    Pete convinces Max that there's a burglar in the neighborhood and Max panics! Turns out Pete's security system "salesman" is really a crook and he's got the house all staked out!

  • Episode 18
    , S1:E18

    Goofy's ancestors try to entice Max to be interested in history.

  • Episode 19
    , S1:E19

    Max longs to buy the Double Behemoth Burger from a hip drive-in. Ousted by Duke and the Pharaohs, Max comes up with a plan to infiltrate the Pharaohs turf and battle Duke.

  • Episode 20
    , S1:E20

    Pete's car sales have been slumping, due to competition from a new lot down the street. Pete gets the idea of getting Goofy appointed City Inspector to shut the rival lot down.

  • Episode 21
    , S1:E21

    Max and PJ think their dream of becoming rock stars is coming true until they discover it's Goofy and his ukulele the public really wants.

  • Episode 22
    , S1:E22

    After a minor accident, Pete concludes he's a goner! He realizes what a pain he's been and tries to make up for it by changing his ways and giving away all his prized possessions.

  • Episode 23
    , S1:E23

    A race to find a lost gold mine brings out the worst and the best of Pete and Goofy.

  • Episode 24
    , S1:E24

    A community recycling campaign becomes a competition between Goofy and Pete, especially when a local millionaire puts out a reward for his accidentally discarded baby shoes!

  • Episode 25
    , S1:E25

    Pete steals Waffles in order to make a fortune on the feline as the next star of Chockful O' Mackeral cat food commercials.

  • Episode 26
    , S1:E26

    A visit to the Goofy family album unfolds the story of Eliot Goof, reluctant G-man of the roaring twenties!

  • Episode 27
    , S1:E27

    Pete publishes his own newspaper so that he could have all the free advertising he wants, making Max & PJ reporters, and conning Goofy into funding the whole operation.

  • Episode 28
    , S1:E28

    Jealous of PJ's summer vacation and hoping to escape his car lot for the opening of Trout Season, Pete scams his son into running the business while Dad goes fishing for a day.

  • Episode 29
    , S1:E29

    Max and PJ go ghost-hunting in the Spoonerville Mansion. Pete and Goofy set out to prove that there's no such thing as ghosts and get trapped. Can the boys ghost-bust them out?

  • Episode 30
    , S1:E30

    The Goofs and the Petes compete against each other in the Bathtub Race. Pete has cheated his way to victory every year, this time, he plans to use PJ to spy on the Goofs.

  • Episode 31
    , S1:E31

    Thanks to a practical joke initiated by an annoyed Pete, Max, Goofy and PJ are drafted for a secret mission by Peg's favorite uncle, General Buck Sparrowhawk.

  • Episode 32
    , S1:E32

    Goofy's garden is dying due to Slimeco, the pollution-spewing factory down the street. After Slimeco officials refuse to listen, Goofy decides to run for Mayor against Pete.

  • Episode 33
    , S1:E33

    Pete discovers he owns half of Goofy's property and takes full advantage of the situation first making Goofy his servant, then taking control of his property.

  • Episode 34
    , S1:E34

    The growing animosity between Pete and Goofy becomes a hindrance to Max and PJ's friendship until finally, the two boys gang up and try to bring the fathers together.

  • Episode 35
    , S1:E35

    Pete finds Goofy's mortgage money sitting on the porch and pockets it just for a while, to make Goofy squirm. Peg mistakenly deposits the cash and Goofy might lose his house!

  • Episode 36
    , S1:E36

    When PJ accidentally bumps Max's bully nemesis, Tooth, Max decides that they should become school Safeties to continue the fight for justice. That is, until Mr. Big comes along.

  • Episode 37
    , S1:E37

    A monstrous situation develops for Goofy after he inherits the Frankengoof Castle. There, he discovers a bizarre family history, the monster that looks amazingly like Pete.

  • Episode 38
    , S1:E38

    Goofy a rocket scientist? Hey, it could happen! Especially after his job application for janitor in the rocket plant gets mixed up with Max's report on Albert Einstein.

  • Episode 39
    , S1:E39

    Pete buys a race horse and sells dozens of shares on the horse. Now, Pete's big problem is to make sure the horse doesn't win a race or he will have to pay all his investors off!

  • Episode 40
    , S1:E40

    Goofy has been named "The Most Honest Man in Spoonerville." Meanwhile, Pete's business has been exposed on television. Pete hires Goofy to counter the bad publicity and regrets it.

  • Episode 41
    , S1:E41

    PJ is trying to do his weekend chores, and play with Pistol, but no one seems to appreciate him. Peg has a surprise when she gets home, the Pete family thinks it's another child.

  • Episode 42
    , S1:E42

    Goofy thinks Pete has signed him up for a fast food eating contest until he ends up in the wrestling ring with Bulk Brogan, world's greatest wrestler!

  • Episode 43
    , S1:E43

    When Pete believes he can win the Ms. Spoonerville Househelper Contest, he gets Peg to help him train to beat his main competition, the house cleaner extraordinaire Goofy!

  • Episode 44
    , S1:E44

    Paranoia runs deep, when a series of odd coincidences convinces Pete that someone is out to kill him.

  • Episode 45
    , S1:E45

    Max and PJ finesse a trip to the big city on their own and learn some of the hard lessons of the streets. Meanwhile, Goofy and Pete run themselves ragged trying to find them!

  • Episode 46
    , S1:E46

    Pete's not entering the Spoonerville 500 Road Rally because he's superstitious. Eventually, he does enter after a Fortune Teller tells him that his Good Luck Charm is Goofy!

  • Episode 47
    , S1:E47

    Peg wants to buy Pete a nice birthday gift, so she takes a second job washing windows. Pete thinks she's trying to beat him out of this year's Best Businessman Award.

  • Episode 48
    , S1:E48

    Goofy wins a free remodeling job on any room in his house. Pete gives the remodelers his own address. The contractors turn out to be a couple of con-artists who scam Pete.

  • Episode 49
    , S1:E49

    Goofy and Pete have been left an exotic inheritance. The catch is, that in order to collect it, they have to act like long lost brothers.

  • Episode 50
    , S1:E50

    Pete cons Goofy into a ski trip, planning to dress the Goof up in a big hairy outfit, to gain publicity with footage of Bigfoot. The real Bigfoot comes along and steals Pete away.

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