Drama, Komedie

Into the Night


Passengers and crew aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble to outrace the sun as a mysterious cosmic event wreaks havoc on the world below.
  • Alba Gaïa Bellugi
  • Anton Kouzemin
  • Astrid Whettnall
  • Avant Strangel

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 2
  • Sesong 1
  • Sesong 2
Sesong 2
  • Episode 1
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E1

    Just as the passengers settle into the rhythms of life in the bunker, a sudden food shortage forces them to consider making another risky journey.

  • Episode 2
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E2

    With the generator shut down, temperatures and tempers soar, sparking a tense standoff. The Colonel finds a damning piece of evidence at the air base.

  • Episode 3
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E3

    After a distressing chain of events, Thea and Mathieu lead a search for a new plane, and the officers plot their revenge on Sylvie.

  • Episode 4
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E4

    At the bunker, the trial soon gives way to more twisted schemes. The group searching for seeds encounters a disoriented stranger.

  • Episode 5
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E5

    As Thea and team attempt to lure Gia out of the vault, Ines searches for a way back into the bunker, and Rik confides in the ambassador.

  • Episode 6
    Drama, Komedie, S2:E6

    The crisis aboard the plane threatens to leave the travelers stranded. Fearing for their lives, Sylvie and the others hatch a plan to flee the bunker.

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