Locked Up Abroad

Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.
  • Adrian Bennett
  • Adrian Rawlins
  • Alberto Pablo Rivera
  • Alex Hardy

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Sesong 10
  • Episode 1
    , S10:E1

    For the first time, informer Charles Falco describes how he infiltrated the deadly Vagos motorcycle gang

  • Episode 2
    , S10:E2

    In South Korea, English teacher Jesse Moskel becomes the kingpin of a huge MDMA smuggling operation — and one of Southeast Asia’s most wanted men.

  • Episode 3
    , S10:E3

    Latino pop star Jimmy Bauer was dropped by his label and is desperate to raise funds to self-promote, so he agrees to smuggle heroin back to America.

  • Episode 4
    , S10:E4

    Arms dealer Peter Bleach goes undercover for British intelligence to stop a terrorist plot, preventing the massacre of innocent people.

  • Episode 5
    , S10:E5

    Stripper Garrain Jones hits the big-time when he stars in a Beyoncé video, but then loses it all when he gets caught smuggling heroin through Europe.

  • Episode 6
    , S10:E6

    Struggling single mom Melanie Di Egidio risks all in exchange for a quick buck, but when the plan goes wrong Melanie is busted with 6 kilos of heroin, caught up in a high-profile sting, and sent to a tough Ecuadorian prison.

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