My Unorthodox Life


Follow Julia Haart, Elite World Group CEO and a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and her adult kids in this reality series.
  • Batsheva Haart
  • Joshua Mayes

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Reality, S1:E1

    Meet Julia Haart and her family. The CEO shares her journey, Batsheva pushes to wear pants, and Miriam picks a look for her blind date with a girl.

  • Episode 2
    Reality, S1:E2

    Will the runway show go off without a hitch? Miriam thinks about changing her name. A trip back to the old community brings back complicated memories.

  • Episode 3
    Reality, S1:E3

    Family matters: Batsheva resists a predictable parenting plan while Julia agonizes that her juicy memoir will upset her children and consults Miriam.

  • Episode 4
    Reality, S1:E4

    The sun's out, but a glum mood overshadows a getaway as the kids pore over the book. Bat speaks up for Ben, and Julia taps a matchmaker for Robert.

  • Episode 5
    Reality, S1:E5

    Welcome to her world: A cry for help leads to an inspiring meeting. Julia throws a get-together, and Robert tosses insecurities and starts a search.

  • Episode 6
    Reality, S1:E6

    Paris Fashion Week collides with Sukkos. At a fairy-tale castle, Julia connects with her sister. What to wear? And who will sit in Chanel's front row?

  • Episode 7
    Reality, S1:E7

    Adventure time: Miriam shows off a new date but fails to show up on time for Batsheva. Julia takes out her frum son Aron to open up his world.

  • Episode 8
    Reality, S1:E8

    Business calls, but Silvio chafes against "Z dates." The kids compete for an Elite spot in front of the tough CEO. Aron confides in his dad.

  • Episode 9
    Reality, S1:E9

    Make the date: Ben smashes it — a bit too hard — when he takes Bat to a rage room. Yosef drops shattering news. Miriam sets Shlomo up with an admirer.

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