Parade's End

In the dying days of the Edwardian Empire, Christopher Tietjens enters into a destructive marriage with the beautiful but cruel socialite Sylvia.
  • Adelaide Clemens
  • Alan Howard
  • Anna Maguire
  • Anna Skellern

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Drama, Action, S1:E1

    In the dying days of the Edwardian Empire, principled aristocrat Christopher Tietjens enters into a destructive marriage with Sylvia (Rebecca Hall), a cruel socialite, despite learning that the baby she carries may have been fathered by someone else. Ignoring her overt flirtation with other men, ...

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  • Episode 2
    Drama, Action, S1:E2

    After a stint in France with her fawning admirer, Perowne, Sylvia reunites with Christopher, though their relationship remains turbulent. Under his terms of reconciliation, Christopher insists they move out of their large townhome, and into a flat opposite Macmaster. After war is declared, Christ...

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  • Episode 3
    Drama, Action, S1:E3

    As Christopher recovers from shell shock in France, a round of vicious rumors, inadvertently fueled by his brother, Mark, leads to a shocking tragedy at Groby, his family home. Sylvia finds a new admirer, Brownlie, who proves a convenient distraction as the war continues. Edith and Macmaster plan...

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  • Episode 4
    Drama, Action, S1:E4

    In Rouen, Christopher prepares recruits for battle, and comes to regret refusing a leave. Bored in London, Sylvia decides to visit her husband in France, oblivious to the consequences for him and General Campion, who is Christopher's godfather and his commanding officer. Christopher's leniency to...

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  • Episode 5
    Drama, Action, S1:E5

    At the front, Christopher takes over from a commanding officer who suffers from shell shock and a drinking problem. Amidst the shelling, he is dismayed to learn from a corporal who lives close to his home that Sylvia is contemplating chopping down the great Groby tree. After General Campion arriv...

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