Romantikk, Reality

Sexy Beasts


Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.
  • Rob Delaney

Sesonger og episoder

Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E1

    Professional model Emma is over men who only chase her beauty. Dressed as a demon, she hopes to find a connection with a mouse, statue or baboon.

  • Episode 2
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E2

    He’s got big biceps, a big heart and a beaver disguise. Now James will share it all with a pixie, leopard and zombie. Will sparks fly or hearts break?

  • Episode 3
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E3

    A party professional and temporary panda, Kariselle is searching for forever with a tin man, alien or bull — who talk sex, nerdiness and so much more.

  • Episode 4
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E4

    Lone wolf Ibrahim is a talented artist, but unlucky in love. Will he find new inspiration while drinking and drawing with a dinosaur, owl or troll?

  • Episode 5
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E5

    In search of sweeping romance — and a rugged cowboy — free-spirited Nina goes dolphin chic and dives right in with a rhinoceros, dinosaur and scarecrow.

  • Episode 6
    Romantikk, Reality, S1:E6

    Student-turned-rooster Kelechi is ready for the real thing — with a witch, frog or reindeer. Let the wine tasting begin and “dangly bits” swing.

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