Animert, Barneprogram

På kroken

4.8IMDb2010 • USA

Tre fiskar går på högstadiet i Sötvattenskolan, som ligger i ett enormt akvarium i en djuraffär.

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 2 - Fish Sleepover Party
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E2

    When Bea is down about her stalled acting career, Milo surprises her by getting her a role on Hamster TV. Bea, Milo and Oscar take a trip to star-studded Hamsterwood, but it gets dangerous when they realize the show is actually a “Fear Factor”-type reality show where hamsters are dared to eat thi...

  • Episode 3 - Fish Out of Water
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E3

    Milo joins Bea in her new exercise class and is embarrassed when he’s the weakest fish. With help from Jumbo Shrimp, Milo uses a secret method to become big and strong. When everyone at Freshwater High is amazed at the new Milo, he overdoes his shortcut routine and becomes so big he’s a monster. ...

  • Episode 4 - Doris Flores Gorgeous
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E4

    It’s picture day at Freshwater High and all of the kids are excited to get their photos taken. Bea takes a bad photo that could ruin her life, but yearbook chief Clamantha won’t give it back to her. She enlists Milo and Oscar to help get the photo back by sneaking into the yearbook office and sen...

  • Episode 5 - Underwater Boy
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E5

    Milo and Oscar learn that Bea is having a fun girls-only party and are sad that they aren’t allowed to attend. To make sure they don’t lose their friend forever, the boys decide to infiltrate the party (dressed as girls) and spy on everyone. When Bea and the girls realize what Milo and Oscar are ...

  • Episode 6 - Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E6

    Bea is sick of her mother controlling everything she does. When her mom reminds her that “when you’re an adult you can do what you want,” Bea decides to do just that – become an adult! She gets a job working for Fish Flakes, Inc. and everything is going great until she realizes how much she misse...

  • Episode 7 - Bea Becomes an Adult Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E7

    Milo’s having trouble in school and learns that he’ll be held back if he can’t pass his next test. He’s seen that fish are forgotten about when they aren’t able to keep up with their friends. So they can stay together, Bea and Oscar try to help Milo study and realize he can only learn the materia...

  • Episode 8 - Doggonit
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E8

    Milo is given money from Randy Pincherson so he can join Oscar and Bea at the Brandon Bubbler concert. However, to Milo’s surprise, the money is just a loan and Randy is demanding he pay him back by night’s end at 300% interest … or he gets “The Pinch.” After Bea and Oscar sell their concert tick...

  • Episode 9 - Queen Bea
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E9

    Everyone at Freshwater High seems to like Bea for the sweet person she is, except one – Albert Glass. No matter how hard she tries to show him she’s a nice person, he just doesn’t seem to like her. Bea gets help from Milo and Oscar to help her figure out what it’s going to take to get on Albert’s...

  • Episode 10 - Fail Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E10

    Milo is sick of Jocktopus picking on everyone. When he finds a Siamese fighting fish, he decides to use the fighting fish’s skills to intimidate Jocktopus and save the students of Freshwater High from all his bullying. But with the ninja at his side, Milo becomes hungry with power and eventually ...

  • Episode 11 - Funny Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E11

    Bea is up for Homecoming Queen and really thinks she’s got a good shot this time. But when she finds out her parents have signed up to be chaperones, she has to think fast so they don’t ruin her chance of winning. She enlists Milo and Oscar to create a fake school dance and Bea spends the night t...

  • Episode 12 - Baldwin the Super Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E12

    After hearing about Chief’s “accident,” Milo is inspired to go peopling after Big Blue. It’s up to Bea, Oscar and the Chief to rescue him after he gets himself into a less than ideal situation. / When Clamantha’s crush on Oscar begins to overwhelm him, he inadvertently leads her into a relationsh...

  • Episode 13 - Dances with Wolf Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E13

    After Mr. Mussels gives an inspiring speech on going after your dreams, Milo realizes that he doesn’t even have a dream to go after. Feeling a little disheartened after a lackluster search, Milo ends up finding his dream in an actual dream … he wants to fly! Bea and Oscar are certain that this is...

  • Episode 14 - The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E14

    Inspired by his laziness and thirst for a cold beverage, Milo invents an accessory that remedies both needs … a fridge hat! Oscar and Bea thinks it a brilliant idea and the trio set out to market and sell the product to all of Freshwater, but there’s a problem … Randy Pincherson beat them to the ...

  • Episode 15 - Hooray for Hamsterwood
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E15

    After Oscar’s morning announcements have become unbearably bad and boring, Bea volunteers to help him revamp them. She convinces him that there needs to be a little more “pizzazz” and ends up turning the simple informational announcement program into a full-on morning news show with her as a co-a...

  • Episode 16 - Milo Gets a Ninja
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E16

    When Oscar’s college dreams and aspirations are put in jeopardy because of his lack of extracurricular activities, he enlists Bea and Milo’s help in finding a school club he can join. Unfortunately, none of the clubs seem to quite appeal to Oscar’s senses and the trio is just about at a loss. The...

  • Episode 17 - Dropsy!
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E17

    After watching a scary movie, Milo becomes convinced that the school’s students and faculty are infected with fish brain parasites. He and Principal Stickler set out to rid the tanks of the parasites and save their friends. / When Milo’s hamster girlfriend decides to visit him in Freshwater, he m...

  • Episode 18 - Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E18

    It’s time for the big school play “Potatoes for Winter,” and no one is more excited/nervous than Bea. This play is super important to her and nothing is going to screw it up. So she’s not very happy when that big lug Jocktopus starts ruining the play. It’s not until Bea learns Jocktopus’ real mot...

  • Episode 19 - The Dark Side of the Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E19

    Freshwater High is in the battle for the Basketball Championship Title against Gecko Prep and the only one that can give them enough school spirit to win is Milo and Oscar disguised as the “Fighting Fishhook” mascot. After their identities are revealed, Oscar gets fishnapped by the Geckos and it’...

  • Episode 20 - Big Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E20

    Oscar’s impression of the Queen of Fish England is spot on! Even Mr. Mussel’s, who is a big admirer of the Queen, can’t tell the difference. The gang goes along with the ruse all in good fun until Oscar gets swept up by a bridal party and is taken to his (the Queen’s) wedding to the Duke. The da...

  • Episode 21 - Dollars and Fish
    Animert, Barneprogram, S1:E21

    It’s the night of the school dance and Bea has asked Milo to look after her dress for the evening while her tank is getting cleaned. He is super excited about it and promises her that it will safe and sound while she runs off to do some errands. When Oscar comes home to find Milo in the dress (be...

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