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Phineas og Ferb
Phineas and Ferb

8.0IMDb2007 • USA • Sesong 1, Episode 19

Candace is getting ready to attend a costume party and learns that Jeremy is going dressed like a caveman. When Phineas and Ferb hear the word “caveman” this gives them an idea to go on an archeological dig, where they do in fact discover a caveman. When this caveman sees Candace dressed like a cavegirl he immediately falls in love….and Candace thinks that he’s Jeremy all dressed up./ All of a sudden Buford isn’t acting like the bullying kid everyone’s grown to know and love. Turns out his goldfish is missing, which is really bringing him down. Phineas and Ferb hate to see Buford this way (especially since he’s so depressing and annoying) so they set out to help him find his fish. Meanwhile Dr. D is trying to destroy a videotape of him saving a kitten.

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