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Phineas og Ferb
Phineas and Ferb

8.0IMDb2007 • USA • Sesong 1, Episode 21

After Dad gets caught speeding from a traffic cam at the intersection down the street, Candace discovers that speeding drivers isn’t the only thing the camera has caught on film. The camera has hours and hours of evidence of Phineas and Ferb getting up to their shenanigans. Candace is ecstatic. Little does she know that Perry has also discovered that this camera has caught him as Agent P and he now must get ahold of the footage Candace has. / Phineas and Ferb decide to break a world record by building the largest bowling ball ever, complete with ten-foot-tall pins. The kids are able to get inside the balls, which forces Candace to get inside a ball and proceed to roll herself across town in order to show Mom what the boys are up to. Meanwhile Doofenschmirtz creates a Rainbow-away-inator to shoo away all rainbows.

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