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"Preach" follows four female religious leaders who believe they have been given the ability to heal the sick, see the future and rid people of their vices. The prophetesses, as they are known, say they are interpreters through whom God expresses his will. The women are looking for proteges who can continue their legacies and carry on the gifts that the prophetesses possess. Belinda, who has advised politicians and celebrities, has a protege who grew up Muslim and has never seen a woman in the pulpit; Taketa, who has been dubbed the "Beyoncé of the Preaching World" and has a global following, mentors a single mother of three; "Blue-Eyed Soul Sister" Linda coaches a former drug addict who is still haunted by her past; and Kelly, who used to be Belinda's protege, is building up her own ministry as she mentors a recently married and pregnant pupil who has a hard time making her training a priority in her life.
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