Komedie, Krim


8.3IMDb2006 • USA • Sesong 8, Episode 2

We pick up where we left off last season. Vick has been put on suspension for 6 months, Trout is the Interim Chief, Lassiter has been demoted to beat cop, Juliet is now Interim Head Detective and Trout still has no interest in hiring Shawn and Gus to help the SBPD solve any cases. Shawn and Gus show up to a crime scene uninvited, hoping to prove themselves worthy to Trout. The SBPD have stationed themselves outside a house they know their perp is hiding in. Trout is devising their a plan of attack with Juliet. Shawn's first move is to get past the police barricade with the help of a shy onlooker holding flowers for his wife. The shy man is trying to get to his house, which is nearby the house the SBPD is blocking off. He can't get to it because the barricade is in the way. When the shy man approaches the barricade, Trout has him arrested for disrupting a police investigation. Just then, Lassiter sees the perp from his vantage point. Knowing he needs to prove himself to Trout in order to be reinstated as head detective, Lassiter decides to take down the perp himself. He does so in stunning fashion, but Trout fails to give Lassiter credit for the takedown at the press conference a couple days later.

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Sesong 8
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