Dokumentar, Reise

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty

New Zealand

It's the eternal quest - how to be healthy and stay looking young. Rachel Hunter heads around the world trying to find the answer.

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  • Episode 1 - New York
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E1

    Rachel's Tour of Beauty takes her back to New York, where her modelling career began. Keen to see if beauty industry standards and body ideals have changed since that time, Rachel meets the top brass of a modelling agency.

  • Episode 2 - Jamaica
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E2

    Rachel visits a Rastafarian village in Jamaica to learn the health and well-being secrets of the Rastafari. And in the capital, Kingston, she meets a group of extraordinary young men taking the international modelling world by storm.

  • Episode 3 - Florida
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E3

    Rachel meets a unique subset of cosmetic surgery goers -senior citizens going under the knife in their 70s and 80s. It seems that looking great - and young - is a priority here, but can you really look as young as you feel?

  • Episode 4 - Texas
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E4

    In Houston, Rachel meets a group of locals keen to improve the health of their city - including a unique fitness trainer who shows her some unusual ways to keep in shape. She also visits NASA to learn about health and beauty in space.

  • Episode 5 - Hawaii
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E5

    Rachel learns that the Hawaiian secrets to health and beauty are intrinsically connected to nature. How do both locals and holiday makers radiate that special Hawaiian glow - and does the answer lie within the kukui nut?

  • Episode 6
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E6

    Rachel visits the Incan capital of Cusco to find out more about the natural health and beauty remedies that have been used for hundreds of years in this Andean city, before travelling to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

  • Episode 7 - San Francisco
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E7

    Rachel visits Silicon Valley to find out how technology is changing the health and beauty industry. Here, she tries some hi-tech gadgets that could revolutionise her beauty regime.

  • Episode 8 - Argentina
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E8

    In Argentina, Rachel finds that beauty is a priority for the local women and men of Buenos Aires. She also tries a rather unique local remedy for stress at The Break Club!

  • Episode 9 - Canada
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E9

    Rachel visits Vancouver, one of the greenest cities in the world, where she finds that being green, healthy and fit is a way of life. She also heads to Tofino on Vancouver Island, where she faces the ultimate challenge: a digital detox!

  • Episode 10 - Alaska
    Dokumentar, Reise, S2:E10

    In Alaska, Rachel meets local beauty Denali Whiting to sample the traditional Alaska native diet. It's packed with nutrients and vitamins, but what will it taste like?