Secrets of the Superfactories

2019 • Storbritannia

Factories are evolving to become faster, greener and more innovative than ever before. Cameras go behind closed doors to reveal the smartest and greenest factories on earth, making products of astonishing complexity, innovation and precision.

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Sesong 1
  • Sesong 1
Sesong 1
  • Episode 1
    Dokumentar, S1:E1

    Looking at the incredible superfactories that manufacture Heinz baked beans on one of the world's fastest production lines, the KitKat, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, and technology for NASA.

  • Episode 2
    Dokumentar, S1:E2

    A look at the handling of Amazon parcels in Bolton, visiting the world's largest steel plant, and investigating the production of Tabasco hot sauce and Kia cars. All of these factories rely on cutting-edge science and engineering.

  • Episode 3
    Dokumentar, S1:E3

    An inside look at the industrial production behind McLaren's UK super-cars, the German factory making 500,000 Faber-Castell pencils every day, US STIHL chainsaw manufacture, and Japan's Shoda Shoyu soy sauce.

  • Episode 4
    Dokumentar, S1:E4

    From titanium to sugar, we shine a light on the superfactory secrets from Rolls Royce aerospace engines, GZ Vinyl records, Yamaha Motors motorbikes and Jelly Belly jelly beans.

  • Episode 5
    Dokumentar, S1:E5

    Cars, chips, toys and toilets. Behind the scenes at Maserati, Frito-Lay, Bandai and Armitage Shanks, we see how these useful products are innovatively produced.

  • Episode 6
    Dokumentar, S1:E6

    Revealing the inner workings of UPS, delivering to the world Brompton bicycles, Rold locking washing machines, and Nongshim instant noodles.

  • Episode 8
    Dokumentar, S1:E8

    We follow the story of Amazon parcels, POSCO steel, Tabasco hot sauce and Kia cars, discerning the cutting edge science and engineering utilised in these superfactories.

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